When it comes to the snipen in Call of Duty Warzone, there are actually only two weapons for the job – they are an idiot if you try some heads with something other than a KAR98K Warzone PC player 24 or a Swiss K31 Warzone PC player 24 to build. However, one of the top developers of Warzone has indicated that after the release of Warzone Season 3, this will no longer be the case towards the end of this month.

Ted Timmins, Senior Creative Director at Raven Software, discussed a number of topics at the current status of Warz1. During the conversation, Hector, Repullze ‘Torres suggests that changes to snipers should be made to reduce the number of irresistible one-shot kills, which can achieve popular snipers like the KAR98K and the Swiss.

Although Timmins is not completely explicitly about Ravens plans, it reveals that the sniper meta is addressed in Season 3.

WARZONE: Raven Reveals HUGE Future Updates, Season 3 Info, & More!

“We plan [to have] a meta shift for snipers in season 3”, he says the Baka Bros. “I think we agree that it is long overdue – the sniper meta has been a felt eternity not changed. I feel really good about where we go with it. “

So the Warzone Meta will get a shock for snipers, but what does that look like? Is it how repullze has suggested, as easy as the KAR98K and the Swiss to make to make sure they do not kill players with a headshot? Or could buffs and other changes could be made to the fairly unnecessary snipers, which were taken over at the beginning of Warzone Pacific by Call of Duty Vanguard?

Whatever happens when you are a sniper enthusiast, you should keep track of the patch notes for Warzone Season 3 if you are released. The KAR98K and the Swiss have long been entries on our list of the best Warzone weapons, but with an upcoming metadayment could be counted their days.