Cae Tecmo Games is a “Nobunaga’s ambition” series that is scheduled to be released on July 21 (Thursday, July 21) as a commemorative work of Shibasawa Kow’s 40th anniversary of the latest work “Nobunaga’s ambition and new student”, and the concept of this work Informed that “Kimi Meirai integrated” has published the released information.
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# Aim for the heavens and aim at the world!

In this work, we will support the player and support the player who behave by the Minister of the Minister of the Ministry of District.

Move the vendor, guidance, and sometimes respect the leadership, respecting their opinion and boost action, and it is a place style of this work to aim at the Tenno, with the first time you become a male.

# Action from the player to the veterans

It is also an important strategy that only fights from the front is not a means of the Tenko Unification, but before fighting, and it is an important strategy to fight in favor of the battle.
In this work, you can order all six types of geometric, such as “pulling out the warlord of other powers” and “sealing the military and seal the outline”.

Let’s make the target castle’s abilities and the ability of the veterans, and make sure that you aim at a single shot. Also, if the player defines the capture goal, the vendor may take care of yourself.

# # [In-house measures]

The tract develops the territory with its own intention, but it can also order the development of any territory as a great name.

Follow the late development castle, promote the development of large castles of growth room, etc. strategically according to the situation.

There are multiple measures to develop the territory, and among them, “N’s” Nostalgic “can be used as a reinforcement in the event of pulling the neighboring nationality into allies.

In this work, many warlords have appeared as a national, such as Palaisa 7 known for the river. Let them be fly and used as a strong reinforcement in battle.

# # [Castle Facilities / Castle Policy]

In this work, you can build a castle facility in the castle. Total 10 types of castle facilities have special effects, and can be used to strengthen the political and strengthen the castle.

In addition to the construction of the castle facility, you can also make a player or the direction to the castle orientation.

Since what kind of venture changes depending on whether the stalls are in the castle, human resource management is important to consider where to place anyone who will place the entire power and place it.

# Action from the Rattan to Player

# # [Property]

The veterinaries provide measures based on the situation where the power is placed, but sometimes it may cause alternatives to proposals for other warlords.

Choose the best hand in consideration of various speculations, as well as the benefits of each ingredients, the benefits of each ingredients, and the proposal of the veterinaries you want to make.

# # [Line Army Route Proposal]

When attacking the enemy castle, the castle attack is advantageous by holding a lot of highways leading to the castle.

When the player commanded the enemy castle, the actor may suggest a measure to aim at it and distribute it.

Since the dispersion of the soldiers is the risk of each individual breakage, the siege battle is widely expanded and attacked carefully, it can attack the shortest route without time to assume a counterattack, or the player’s judgment is questioned.

【In-house problem】

The issues that occurred in the territory are basically dealing with the discretion of the venture, but if you have an extraordinary project, you may ask the player to help.

A large project that affects the entire power of the port is a large project, so the player will help you to help and solve the problem.

This work, which is the 40th anniversary of the Shibusawa Kou 40th anniversary, is continuously developed to enjoy many game fans as well as series fans. Please wait for the follow-up.

# “Nobunaga’s Ambition and Shinsei” (Normal Edition) Product Overview

○ Title Name of Nobunaga Nobunaga ○ Genre History Simulation ○ Release Date July 212 (Thu) ○ Compatible model Windows® (STeam®) / PlayStation®4 / Nintendo SwitchTM Package Version : 10,780 yen (tax included) ○ Hopes retail price downloaded version: 10,780 yen (tax included) ○ Common of all models: Scenario “Nagasu Kamenahara battle fight” ※ package version is bundled in the first production ※ DL version of the privilege The free delivery period will be from July 21 (Thu) to August 3 (Wed), July 21, 2022. ○ Store benefits · GAMECITY: Sibasawa KO 40th anniversary warlords data items (Wased), Sakai River Arashi) · PC Wallpaper (Main Visual) · Geo: A4 Clear File (Main Visual) · Ami Ami: Acrylic Styl Stand (Oda Nobunaga) · EBTEN: B3 Tapestry (Main Visual) · Yoro Shop Bitter Treasure Island: Mini Colored paper (Oda Nobunaga) · Rakuten Books: Oil Paper (Backout Butterfly) · Wondergoo: Yuzu (Main Visual) ○ Player 1 person ○ CERO A (All Age) ○ Official Site / shinsei / ○ twitter ○ Facebook ○ Rights Section © Kohe Tecomo Games All Rights Reserved. ○ Development Shibsawa Kobland Producer: Kenji Ogasawara

# “Nobunaga’s Ambition, Shinsei Treasure Box” Product Overview

○ Planned release date July 21, 2022 (Thu) ○ Compatible model Windows® (STEAM®) / PlayStation®4 / Nintendo SwitchTM ○ Hope retail price 16,280 yen (tax included) ○ Contents · Game software · Scenario “Tenki Senki Toshio” limited Download Serial Original Soundtrack CD (2 Disc) · Sibasawa · Kou Secret Capture Data & Warlords Art Book · Sengoku Daturnal Calendar ※ The contents and names of the bags may change without notice.

# “Nobunaga’s Ambition, New Digital Delxue Edition” Product Overview

○ Planned release date July 21, 2022 (Thu) ○ Compatible model Windows® (STEAM®) / PlayStation®4 / Nintendo SwitchTM ○ Hope retail price 14,080 yen (tax included) ○ Contents · Game software · Scenario “Tensho Senka” Limited Download Serial Digital Original Soundtrack Digital Shibusawa Kou Secrets Capture Data & Warlord Art Book

# “Nobunaga’s Ambition, New GameCity & Limited Set” Product Overview

○ Planned release date July 21 (Thu) ○ Compatible model Windows® (STEAM®) / PLAYSTATION®4 / Nintendo SwitchTM ○ Content [Limited set A] · Ambition of the same packing length · Nobuni TREASURE BOX Replication original “Package” Illustration · Hoped retail price 38,280 yen (tax included) [Limited set B] · Ambition of bundle · Shinsei Treasure BOX replication original picture “Oda Nobunaga portrait” · Hope retail price 38,280 yen (tax included) [Limited set C] · included included Nobunaga’s Ambition · Shinsei Treasure Box Replication original “Package Illustration”, “Oda Nobunaga Portrait” · Hoper Retail Price 60,280 yen (tax included)

# “Nobunaga’s ambition, newborn” warmth & Nobunaga love sword set Product Overview

○ Scheduled release date July 21 (Thu) ○ Compatible model Windows® (STeam®) / PlayStation®4 / Nintendo SwitchTM ○ Contents Normal Edition, Treasure Box, Gamecity & For each product of the limited set It is a set of “warmth” and “Nobora Aji” that can be added. [Warning] Plus 5,500 yen (tax included) [with Nobu Naga sword set] Plus 42,900 yen (tax included) [Warmth + Nobunaga Aza Sets] Plus 48,400 yen (tax included)

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