A few hours ago Minecraft received a new version, 22w14a of calls Snapshots. On this occasion it has nothing to do with a new mob like the Allay or the biome the dark depths, but with a new object that is giving a lot to talk about in the Mojang Sandbox community. We are talking about the Recovery Compass .

It is a new type of really interesting compass for players who like to explore. It is not the first time in which Minecraft acquires as his own aspects of the mods, but this is the first occasion in which we can see on the map the death points of our character. Because yes, for that it is for what the recovery compass is worth.

An object for novices or people with little guidance

The object can be crafted with a normal compass and eight echo fragments , items also added in the last Snapshot. It has the particularity that if a player is not in the dimension in which he has died, or directly he has not died yet, the compass will turn crazy and will not stop turning. Of course, it is a much more useful version of the compass, since it only marked the player’s birthplace at the beginning of the game.

It is, therefore, of a really useful object, but not for those players with more hours in Minecraft. Despite this, it is really interesting for those who are discovering the game and that they do not remember well the last point of death… or directly that they have no spatial orientation to find it.

In addition to this compass, the Snapshot has the new mangrove swamp biome and the clay regeneration capacity is added. You can check all the settings on the Top Tit.