Jimmy Donaldson, better known under his YouTube name Mrbeast, is on the top of the planet’s biggest youtuber. Recently, he gained a new milestone in YouTube history and achieved more than 1 billion video calls in just one month.

MrBeast Hits ONE BILLION Views in a Month

Although the videos on his main channel appear somewhat irregular, Jimmy immediately takes control of Youtube with each new video and can take a place on the trend side for a few days, as everyone is waiting for what a crazy idea he has thought up this time. After his replica of the Netflix Show Squid Game , for which he took 3.5 million dollars in the hand, will soon follow the next viral hit.

The secret: be represented in many languages

Although he could also celebrate some successes away from the video sharing platform, especially with his projects Mrbeast Burger and Team Tress, it is the videos that merrbeast hold in the spotlight – and he lately had amazing success. In addition to his gaming and React channels, he operates these and other YouTube channels, including in Russian and Spanish, to achieve as many viewers as possible. Soon a channel should follow on Hindi.

In March , these channels came together to over 1 billion views – ie 1,035,525,614 views , if you want to take the socialblade statistics exactly – alone its main channel Mr. Beast recorded over 275 million views.

His secondary language channels have recently recorded a considerable success. The channel “MR Beast En Espanol” reached more than 167 million views in March alone, while his “MR Beast Brasil” account with just over 66 million invokes also made a post. He is on the right way to reach his goal of becoming the largest youtuber of all time. It just seems to be a matter of time, how high he can put the latte.

Source | Dexerto

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