The natural resorts are all in Pokemon Legends: Arceus present, but do not worry – they can all be trapped, provided they have a team that cares about their weaknesses. Starting with Tornadus, you first have to accept the request “incarnated armed forces of Hisui”. Go to the Galaxy Hall in Jubilife Village and after the intermediate sequence you will receive the request of Cogita.

How to Get Enamorus & Other 3 Forces of Nature in Pokemon Legends Arceus
Go to a blizzard to the Alabaster Islands and look around in the Bonechill Wasteland. If there is no snowstorm, you just rest, until one appears.

As soon as it sees it, it starts to skidize hurl barrels, so they start to dodge. Throw items like Sticky Glob, Spoiled Acorn, Snowball and so on to eliminate his barrier, and throw either a pokeball to catch him or fight him. Tornadus is Level 70 and has the skills of extrasory, crunch, hurricane and Bleeakwind Storm. Since it is a flying type, it is weak towards Rock, Electric and ICE Pokémon.

How to catch Thundurus

If you continue with the request “incarnated armed forces of Hisui”, you can find Thundurus in the cobalt coastal land. First, make sure that a thunderstorm is in progress, and then look around in the area between Sand’s Reach and Lurker’s Lair. As soon as the player is discovered, he begins to summon thunderstorms. When you are on a basecule region, jump over or accelerate it and start to throw the same items used on tornadus. You only need a hit to go down to his barrier – follow it either with a pokeball or by fighting them.

Thundurus is Level 70 and has the skills of extrasory, Crunch, Thunder and Wildbolt Storm. The electrical / flying type includes stone and ice attacks to its weaknesses.

How to catch Demeteros

Your next stop for the request “incarnated armed forces of Hisui” leads you to the island of Ramanas, which lies south in the obsidian fieldlands. Landorus resides here and how you probably guessed with the attack. Avoid his vortex storms and throw objects to eliminate his barrier (which requires at least three hits). Start struggling to catch it.

Landorus is Level 70 and has exactly like his companions, extrasory and crunch. His other skills include Earth Power and Sandsear Storm. As a floor / flight type, it is weak against water and ice attacks.

How to catch enamorus

The last Pokémon of the “Incarnate Forces of Hisui” request and the fourth member of the Forces of Nature is Enamorus. After trapping Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, talk to Cogita that will inform you about enamorus. Travel to Crimson Mireland and examine the scarlet moor. After discovering you, she attacks and flees – to be hit by a tornado, will confuse you and reverse the control, so be careful.

Throw objects and hit them four times to break your barrier. As soon as this is done, throw a pokeball to catch her or start the fight. Enamorus is Level 70 and together with extrasory and crunch the skills Moonblast and Springtide Storm. As a flying / fairy type, enamorus is weak compared to a variety of different types such as poison, stone, steel, electric and ice.

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