Buy a mansion in bitlamif, all you need to do is click the assets, and then go to the “Shopping” tab; As soon as you do, scroll down to two tabs, click both and locate the mansion on the list.

When you find a mansion, buy it, and then you will become the happy owner of a new mansion; However, it is worth noting that these houses can cost more than 2 million dollars.

Because of this it would be nice to accumulate some money before trying to buy it; Check the manuals listed below to obtain additional assistance in this direction.

how to earn in bitlamif

  • How to become a billionaire in BitLife
  • The highest paying job and career BitLife
  • Part-time manual in BitLife – a look at freelance concerts and much more!

What is considered a mansion in BitLife?

Sometimes mansions for any reason are not displayed in the list of relators; When it happens, you will need to look for other houses similar to the mansion.

To do this, check for which type of house they include, based on the name and specification; For example, if they have the same range of specifications, like the mansion, they can work. However, here are some houses that you have to try before playing with others.

  • luxury manor
  • Manor
  • All that has a ghost, and then the estate or mansion after it.

Buying houses left and right! | Bitlife Simulator Gameplay
If you can not find any of these houses, try to constitute it several times and see if they will appear; If they are still not doing, try to buy houses, which are at a price similar to the mansion.

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