The Roberts Sonic game was launched on the 14th.

Game Developer Game Pam, which produces games with Roblocks, is a game that cooperates with Sonic ‘Sonic Speed Simulator’, which utilizes Sonic, I said.

Roblocks have their own avatars, and gamers explore their own worldwide world, and are a sandbox game and platform to enjoy a variety of contents. Most of the parody and secondary creations, the game created with official licenses is rare in Roboz. Among them, this game is cooperated with Sega and attracts attention.

Sonic Speed Simulator is an open-world multiplayer game that utilizes Roboz. The lush forest, hot desert, and snow filled with snow, can be played with the avatar or Sonic, and Tales. Depending on the steps of running, you can compete with other users in the game with the other users in the game, and you can upload the speed to level up to special items such as Chaos of.

Here you can purchase a pet, experience, and various effects, such as the ring in the field where you are collecting a ring in the field. There will be a regular weekly update in the future, and if you receive 20,000 ‘good’ from the Roblock Player, a new Sonic Skin will be presented.

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator

Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator will be free of charge after the termination of the paid test. The formal release date is undefined.