Evil Dead: The Game is the game of horrors to survive from a third party, which includes not only locations from the cult classical film franchise, but also a rich part of his list of characters. Along with Bruce Campbell, who repeats his role a role hunting on Demons, Williams with a bumstitch, a joint game for four players is also inferior to the place seven additional game characters .

EVIL DEAD: THE GAME - Character Profiles!!

All characters in Evil Dead: The Game

Ash Williams

Esch Williams is the main hero of the world of the “sinister dead”, known for his branded double-rolled shotgun with a crop, grated sharpness and a clockwork, albeit a little cruel combat style.

Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams is the younger sister of Easha Williams. Despite the fact that she was the first to be anger of demons in the 1981 film, many would argue that Cheryl is a balanced character capable of taking wise decisions under pressure.


Scotty in the shower joker, as well as a faithful friend for those who remain in his circle. Unlike Esha, Scotty goes to search for trouble, using its quick temper, to take danger until it returns to bite it.

Lord Arthur

Lord Arthur comes right from England, and his kingdom in the castle of Candar is right under his belt. Warrior in the shower and completely capable of destroying everything that falls from the army of darkness.


Shelly is a society, although not from those who begin to kill when there is a choice: a fight or flight. Hence the reason for which she did not go so far in the “sinister dead men.”


Before being a broken shovel, Linda played a long girl Eshha. At that time, her friends would praise her for devotion and the ability to empathize with other survivors.

Pablo Simon Bolivar

Pablo has much more than any of the surviving standard, thanks to its wide range of abilities that make it simultaneously invisible for demons, as well as spiritually connected with necronomicon.

Kelly Maxwell

Kelly is a serious fighter who knows how to kill the dead, especially with the help of the M16 rifle, which has become something like a symbol in the early stages of her game in “Ash against the sinister dead”.

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