Tower Placement - Tower Defense Tutorial #6
Developer GridPop announced “ iSle of ARROWS ” on April 14. The corresponding platform is PC (STeam) / iOS / Android. It is scheduled for the summer release of 2022.

“Isle of ARRows” is a tower defense game that places a card and defends the base. A small island is given to the player. The island has a base to be protected, and the player will draw a variety of cards. By placing the card, it forms the island terrain and defends the base. Since the game is automatically generated each time you play, different cards, enemies, events and rewards are waiting each time. Build the island defense against the enemy that will attack in wave format.

For each round, the player is randomly drawn cards with tiles. Sometimes I can use coins to skip disadvantaged tiles. When ready, you will start enemy waves and look at how your own construction defense works.

Multiple types of tiles that can be placed using the card. First, by placing the road tiles, you decide the root to move the enemy. Next, you can attack the enemy with the bow and arrow by installing the tower of the tower. The flag tiles extend the terrain itself and make it possible to build a larger space. Placing the garden tiles can obtain coins. And the Taverns tile strengthens the attack by the bows of adjacent tower. Enemy is stronger as it overlaps the wave, so it is also required to construct a complicated defense basis.

In this work, there are campaign modes along three types of themes, and their own card sets are provided for each. Playing through the campaign seems to be able to unlock new game elements. Besides this, there are modes such as Gantlets and Daily Defense. In addition, four types of guilds are also available in this work, and they are likely to have different play tiles.

More than 50 tiles appear to appear. More than 40 bonus cards are prepared. In addition, 10 or more types of events are prepared, helping players and disturb them. In addition, there are 10 or more game modification elements, and the width of the play is expanded. There are nine puzzle style results. It seems that deep play is enjoyed at rich tiles and events.

GRIDPOP, which works on this work, is a personal studio by Daniel Lutz, Daniel Lutz. Square Enix He has been working in Montreal and has had the experience of serving as a creative director of the puzzle game “Hitman GO” and “Lara Croft GO”. “Isle of ARROWS” is likely to be a work that such know-how is leveraged.

“Isle of ARROWS” is scheduled for a 2022 summer release for PC (STeam) / iOS / Android.