Diablo 2 on the last 15 days; Large-scale patches have been in progress on reservoirs. The main contents are the seven class balance improvements in 11 years and the first ladder season that started on 29th. In addition, since 2000, which was originally launched, bugs who have borrowed long-term users have been modified through this patch.

For more information, see Patch notes. 2.4 Patches are also quite many bugs, and there are two parts of the eye. The first fixed the problem that the unique monster that has mana drain ability has depleted much more mana than the intentions. The second is a nightmare difficulty to fix a bug that the flame reinforcement monster has been damaged. Many of the Mana Drains, have been made to a typical body of a bug in some classes.

Diablo 2: The direction of the reservoir is to resolve the part of the play experience because the original game property is not intended to have a result of the game as a code error, such as a bug that is kept. In the Q & A video session, a Blizzard Andre Abrahamian (Andre Abrahamian) lead designer has a disadvantage that the lead designer, which is a kind of meta, said that it is said that the part of providing the wrong information is to improve. The 20-year-old bug fixed this time seems to be part of it.

On the other hand, 2.4 patches have been conducted with newringe additions, mercenarization improvements, new horrorims, and improve set item bonus changes, and convenience improvement. In addition, it is a part that it is possible to make the character and the name of the game in Korean. Diablo 2: Diablo 2: The reservoir can continue to popular with the resumption phase.