Presented by the developers as the true suite of postal 2, of which he also resumes the subjective, postal 4 view opens onto a screen specifying that the game is “not recommended for the children, the streamers having a family audience, pious people, whoever suffers from psychosis and / or seeking to make career in politics “. The tone is given, and confirmed by a loading screen having a recycled inflatable doll in a drive mannequin, and a drawn introduction featuring a pair of armed testicles from a bazooka, a big caca that makes plumb, and a dog who licks gonads. That’s it, you’re still wanting? No worries, the adventure has kept under the elbow. The hostel is called Anu’s Inn, the hero can return to health by consuming crack pipes, it is possible to buy in the distributors of dead dogs and piss bottles (sic), a key allows to urinate everything and anything (we can do pee on the coca, do what you want from this information…), another to push a cat living on the pump rifle cannon for the Make silent, and the game tips are distilled by Krotchy, the “crotch” mascot of the series. As for the quests, they ask us, among other things, to grind stray dogs and cats, to clear off heaps of excrement with shovel, to install bidets, or put the bazaar in the Kunny Island amusement park dedicated at female anatomy. Crader, Scato, vulgar, violent, beast and naughty, the humor of postal 4 remains faithful to that of the previous episodes. Some will love, others will hate, and there is a lot to bet that you have already chosen your camp after reading these few lines.

A molded open world

The criminal scenario puts us in the shoes of the postal dude party looking for its stolen caravan. This is therefore forced to evolve in the city of Edensin and to meet the needs of its inhabitants, the structure of the game taking the form of a small open world. More parody than credible, the city has a commercial area, a residential area, an industrial zone, an area remaining blocked at the time of the Far West, and even a mini Mexico, with the border and the wall of separation that go well. Some challenges and collectible objects are disseminated in the sets in order to reinforce the sandbox aspect, but we are not mistaken, this Open World has years of delay from one point of view. Only one type of vehicle is available (a Walmart way mobility scooter), passersby wander without purpose and are cloned more than reason, some parts are horribly empty, the animations are generally rigid (or even non-existent, as when a character sitting Decides to get up), and load times come regularly interrupt the movements. Not even hidden, these freeze the screen for a few seconds and display a message “Loading”… as Half-Life was done nearly twenty years ago. And the valve game, him, did not make the hand disappear from his hero while leaving the weapon floating on the screen as per magic…

The tone is given, and confirmed by a loading screen having a recycled inflatable doll in a drive manikin, and a drawn introduction featuring a pair of armed testicles from a bazooka, a big caca that makes plumb, and a Dog that licks gonads. That’s it, you’re still wanting?

As for the graphics strictly speaking, they oscillate between the acceptable and frankly dated. The Cel-Shading effect clearly serves as a misery and absolutely nothing suggests we are in 2022. On certain specific points, we would believe rather incomed in 2002. But beyond the aesthetic issues, the most astonishing comes from the little interest of some quests. The latter are also called “races” and actually do not have much thrilling. If some of them lead to shootings that have at least the merit of bringing a little action, others are desperately banal. Delivering sewers, change bulbs, put fines to cars poorly parked or sign a petition to a dozen people, we knew more thrilling. These floating moments are all the more regrettable as, when it comes out of the finger of the buttocks, the game sometimes knows how to fly and to be politically incorrect in a judicious way. The quest asking to swing immigrants over the border with a giant stone spearhead, the NPCs that mask after a Pigenoavirus epidemic, or the parody of Game of Thrones who favors the health sense of the word throne, all of which works pretty good. In terms of positive points, we can also quote an option rarely seen elsewhere: the possibility of choosing between three different voices for the Postal Dude. This can be incarnated by the actors Rick Hunter (Postal 1 and 2), Corey Cruise (Postal III) and Jon St. Jon, who will remain forever in our hearts as the Duke Nukem interpreter.

Postal 4: No Regerts (Part 1) - I Swear I'm Not A Bad Person

With or without finish?

Alas, these rare moments of thinning are not enough to go out postal 4 of the quagmire in which it is. It must be done with many bugs, which are all the less acceptable that the game has just come out of an early access of two and a half years. To pass the full-screen game, for example, we had to fight for nearly twenty minutes in the options, the image stops returning to window or in the wrong resolution. On the side of the activation of the subtitles, we have been obliged to give up. None has never been shown, whether in cinematics or dialogs in play. Even worse, we have faced a blocking bug, which we managed to get around with a cheat code (thank you forums Steam). Without this, an end-of-quest script stubbornly refused to trigger. Heroes who borrows the scale of the wrong side, NPCs that pass through the floor, screen that suddenly becomes black with the exception of the interface and objects floating in the decorations were also part of our daily lives during this test. It was also necessary to do with several crashes, some random and other systematic (for example trying to use the attractions of Kunny Island Park). To believe that the Cradle side of the game also concerns the code pissed by the developers!