Negative interest rates for wealthy customers have been a continuous topic for German Savers for months. Already last year, for example, the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf had begun to terminate first customers the account if these negative interest rates did not want to agree. As the “Tagesschau” reports now, the Dortmunder pendant has apparently terminated 15 customers because of the custodian charges.

Postbank is also apparent similarly similarly to the reports, and announced customers with a credit balance of more than 50,000 euros, which did not agree to the negative interest. A spokesman emphasized against the “Tagesschau” that it was a few individual cases – one did not want to call a detailed number.

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At the DKB, there is also considerations, “customers who have not approved even after multiple reminder” to cancel the account. Competitors such as the Berliner Sparkasse or the Commerzbank, on the other hand, still want to wait and find consensual solutions for their customers.

Accounts: Even small sponsors could soon receive the termination

As the “Tagesschau” continues to write, 449 of 1,300 German financial institutions, from certain credit balances, demand departure – tendency. However, many banks have also announced to be able to dispense with the negative interest rates in the future if the ECB sets the penalty interests for the institutes. “If the ECB interest rises to zero, the custody fee is automatically eliminated”, according to the consumer protectors Niels Nauhauser.

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Under certain circumstances, even more cases will soon have accounts in significantly more cases: Many banks have apparently only 70 percent of customers have agreed to the new terms and conditions with negative interest rates.

If an approval rate of 85 to 90 percent has reached, dismissals could be followed by smaller credits, prophecy Oliver Mihm, boss of the Bankberatungsgfirma Investors Marketing.