Released in 2014 on most of the machines available at the time, Tales from the Borderlands will therefore be entitled to a second season as announced Randy Pitchford, the boss of Gearbox Software, as part of the PAX East 2022. And he It must be believed that the site is well advanced since the festivities will start this year, the publisher specifying that the official presentation will take place during the summer.

I know that many of you love the Borderlands universe and the stories you tell there, says Randy Pitchford. We love it too. We also know that many of you enjoy Tales from the Borderlands, Isn’t it? As you already know, some characters in the game have appeared in Borderlands 3. This format that allows you to create protagonists, write new stories and explore all of this in a way Innovative compared to conventional looter-shops is something that we particularly like.

New Borderlands Game Announced From Gearbox & Telltale Games Tales From The Borderlands!

He adds: “This time, we will develop the game ourselves [Telltale Games was in command of the first season, note] in order to imagine all the new characters and all the new stories. Soon, we will reveal a whole New game taking place in the Borderlands world with this interactive fiction style. I’m talking about a brand new tales from the Borderlands. The game will be released this year, will be published by 2K Games, will be developed internally by Gearbox Software and will introduce new protagonists into the Borderlands universe. We have been working on this experience for years and I can’t wait to announce it this summer by showing you what we have worked on.

There is no doubt that Gearbox Software will do what is necessary not to disappoint fans of the first tales from the Borderlands, knowing that the game was a commercial failure.