Recent Diablo® II: Leisure ™ (DiablO® II: Resurrected ™) 2.4 Following the application of patch formal, the first ladder season of the weekend is announced this weekend, “Saturday Night to compete for the competition of fans DIABLO LADDER (Satteration Night Diablo Ladder, SND Ladder) ‘has returned to a new form. At the same time as the beginning of the ladder season, the world’s players are gathered at the same time, and the event broadcasts that have a devil hunting skills.

Last year-end Diablo II: Diablo featured broadcasting contents that led to the big response of the residents and fans, and SND is decorated with the “SND ladder” of the reorganization of the ladder season.

Diablo 2 Remastered - An explanation of

A total of 8 configured SND ladders in the SND ladder, Diablo, a large king, jijin TV, Ren, Rena, a water bear, affectionate, and a distinctive affection for Diablo, such as JJ (above the order), It appears, two pvps and PVP competition without concessions. It is expected that the game playback scenes that have been developed by the accumulated relay know-how in the advanced broadcast are expected to be fascinated by those who draw themselves. In addition, Park Sang-hyun’s caster, Lee Seung-won Commentary and Jeong Woo-seo, etc.,

The SND ladder can be viewed every Saturday from 11:00 per day (all of the following), from 11:00 per night (all of the Korean time) can be watched through the official Twitch channel. On Friday, a team of performers in the broadcast on the first time, and each team is interested in what each team will produce some exciting appearance in the varied balance environment of the sanctuary.

Diablo II: A special showcase event celebrating the first ladder season of reservoirs, ‘Infernal Race’ is also found for fans.

The lace of hell is provided with a special broadcast that popular contents creators in the world, including Korea, including North America and Australia, and competitive with their relative teams and raced to the top of the ladder leader. In Korea, two teams, such as the SND team, which consist of the teachers and SND ladder casts leading to the teacher, and the SND team, which consisted of the SND ladder cast, will represent the Representative Korean players who have always been in the fight against the devil.

The lace of hell, which is expected to be the first Baal treatment recording this ladder season, is real-time broadcast on Diablo official twitches from 9:00 on April 29, in accordance with the launch of the ladder season.

Diablo II: 2.4 patches of reservoirs are based on the balance of 11 years, expanding the deployment diversity by occupation, and adding the possibility of survival and adding a strong strength to enjoy adventure freely in their own way, On April 15th, it was formal. At 9 o’clock on April 29th, at 9 o’clock, many fans have been at the beginning of the first ladder season, the competition for the top of the leader’s top.

Information about the SND ladder can be found through the official blog. Other, Diablo II: More details on reservoir can be found in the official site and Diablo official YouTube channel. Screenshots and other materials can be found on Blizzard Press sites.