All Augsburg fell a stone from the heart. Markus Weinzierl ran on the lawn with the final whistle and his players. On such a sporting insert, Stefan Reuteried. “Then you notice that he is a few years younger,” said the sports chief laughing. Joy and relief were the 55-year-old but just as big. “It was not easy, the disappointment after the game against Hertha last week was huge because we absolutely wanted to take something to do, so it was all the more important that you win this game,” Reuter said after 2-0 in Bochum.

Also, weinzierl refer again to the bitter home defeat against the Hertha a week ago, where the premature leaflet was located on the “silver tray”. “Then the team, the boys were disappointed, that’s quite normal, I expected that too. We have led many conversations. We wanted to repeat these three points that we left at home.” This is successful because the FCA convinced for its circumstances on a whole line.

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Very after the taste of Weinzierl

The performance at the Castroper Straße was quite after the taste of Weinzierl. “We have realized the plan very well today. It has really well done that we have defended with five players, we have not approved the goals at the right moment. The 2: 0 before the half-time break was psychologically very valuable. We have psychologically Always recovered possession phases and switching moments, “summed up the coach. The efficiency in the offensive paired with the stable rear team made VfL awarded the VFL on Sunday afternoon.

We work that we get more constancy

Stefan Reuter

In one of the sovereign Augsburg winners of this season, the team performance was in the foreground, but important actors crystallized in every row. Reece Oxford held back to the store, Nikla’s dorsch stabilized the center and repeatedly triggered pressure situations playfully, at the front, the busy storm duo cared for Michael Gregoritsch and André Hahn at the few opportunities again and again for danger. If the FC Augsburg could only build on this level more often, the league would have been secured weeks ago.

“We work for that more Constance to get more constancy. Of course, the goal is to retrieve this in a regularity,” Reuter said, despite the comfortable lead of seven points on the relegation place in the case of three outstanding games still not wanted to speak of the league. “It’s still too early because we are not going through yet,” he stressed with a look at the probably only theoretical possibility to slip down to 16th place.

The planning for the twelfth season in the Bundesliga should nevertheless be more concrete now. “Basically, one makes itself permanent thoughts. It is not that it starts just when it’s final,” says the managing director. Facts in this regard can create the team next Saturday, in the home game against 1 FC Cologne.