In a peaceful construction game, Dorfromantik, you have to create an idyllic rustic landscape from tiles. You have a certain amount of tiles, and you must accommodate them to score points. When you place tiles, you will notice that your stack becomes shorter, which can make you think how to get more tiles in Dorfromantik.

There are two ways to get more tiles in Dorfromantik: Perform quests and placement of ideal tiles . Quests appear randomly when placing tiles or when the tests are reached with gray, tiles found on your board. For various types of quests, you can get from five to eight tiles.

How to get perfect tiles in Dorfromantik

Placing the perfect tile will also reward you with one tile. To get Perfect Tile, you need to have all six edges tiles coincide with the edges of all neighboring tiles . This means a matching village with a village, forests with forest, etc.

Although one tile does not seem big, it will develop if you strive to make all your tiles perfect, especially if you perform quests. Dorfromantik rewards carefully placed tiles, and not fast expansion, so do not hurry, placing tiles!

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