According to a well -known Xbox member, a new Aureola the game is already in development in 343 industries. If this game is the next right Aureola game or a spin-off, the brief report does not say so. It seems too soon for 343 industries to go to the next appropriate stage. Aurela game. If it is, it is not a good sign for infinity_ and its long -term support. That said, although it is unlikely that this mysterious game is the next Aureola experience, it could be a collaboration project.

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In 2015, 343 industries ’halo 5: Guardians Sent. _ Infinite_ did not launch until 2021, six years later. However, among this, 343 Industries collaborated with Creative Assembly in halo wars 2, halo wars: definitive edition with interactive behavior, rect of aureola with andeavour one, and halo: Firefire Cuervo with Play Mechanix and Endeavour One. Other words, 343 Industries experiences greatly with aurela between main releases and, usually, choose collaborating partners for these projects. Given the amount of recent spin-offs in relation to the number of recent main games, it is more likely to be a spin-off, but the rumor does not say in one way or another.

As for the rumor, the path of Jezcordden comes who made the claim during a recent Xbox two podcast episode. Corden has been both in the brand and outside it in the past, but it is generally considered respectable and reliable.

«I am quite sure that 343 is working on another aurela project that is not Halo infinito. I’m quite sure not 100 percent, ”said Corden. As you can see, there are some doubts of Corden himself, which means that this should be taken with an additional salt grain that would normally be taken as a rumor/report.

At the time of publication, no relevant part has commented on this rumor. It is very unlikely that this changes, but we will monitor the situation in case we do so that we can update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, to obtain more coverage not only on Halo and Halo Infinite, but also about the latest in everything related to Xbox, click here.