_ Spy x family _ It has become the anime of the moment. With only three episodes, everyone loves the Forger family, especially Anya. In this way, Tatsuya Endo, author of this manga, has shared a series of illustrations that show us how the characters originally looked.

As part of the Spy X Family fan book, which has just been released in Japan, Endo revealed several sketches that show us a new facet of the characters. Of the members of this family, Loid is the character that suffered the most changes in comparison in the manner that is seen today.

Although there are a number of sketches that give rise to the final design, there are others where Loid has a very different face than we can see today. Something that is preserved, regardless of how many attempts we see, are the tight costumes . There are even some versions of Loid with a longer face, and make the spy look more like Sanji of one piece.

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Editor’s note:

Spy x Family is one of the best sleeves, and anime, of the moment. The history of the Forger family is extremely interesting, charismatic and full of love. This work deserves all the attention it has received in recent weeks.