Microsoft is testing a new feature that involves its two main game platforms: the family of Xbox devices and Windows PCs. The function implies an Xbox controller with a PC and get quick access to what is called the “controller bar.” Accessing this gives players a way to choose instantly among their favorite games and applications that have been used frequently, and if you are part of the Insider Preview tests, you can try this function right now.

If you are someone who frequently uses an Xbox controller with a Windows PC, you have undoubtedly opened the Xbox game bar from time to time to access your applications and more quickly. Through this new function, you can do it even faster. It will show a bar like the one seen in the image below that shows a couple of icons for games and applications, as well as an “start” icon to accelerate what you are planning to do next.

“The controller bar opens when it matches or connects a controller to your PC with Windows 11 that runs the last insider provision compilation in the Dev and Beta channels”, the publication on the function within the Windows Insider blog said. «Your most recent games and installed game initiators are just pressing a button. Invoke the controller bar when you are not yet in a game, pressing the Xbox button on your controller ».

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Lifting the bar immediately every time the controller connects to the PC makes sense, since it is likely to use it to the maximum, but, naturally, it will not remain during its entire game session if you do not want. a. Pressing the Xbox button on the controller every time you are in a game will open the normal Xbox game bar, but doing it every time you are out of a game will open this new view. Alternatively, you can also press the Windows + G command to achieve the same result.

For those who want to try this new PC function with Windows 11, they can do so by registering in the Xbox Insider program and running the latest version of Insider Preview.