Fortnite continues to progress in Season 2 of its Chapter 3. As usual, the game has introduced some exciting new challenges. This time we refer to the missions of Week 8. As usual, they are not particularly complicated, although there are a few that could take us some time to complete. Among them, the new task that involves the Choppa helicopters stands out, vehicles that returned to the battle royale just a few days ago and are now crucial to overcoming a challenge.

Choppa Helicopters Location
The mission we are referring to is not too complicated since it only requires getting a helicopter and advancing for a thousand meters with it. The only difficulty lies in getting the vehicle in question since there are only a few on the map, and they don’t even appear in every game. In this way, we may have to make a few attempts before getting it. In any case, now that the challenge has just launched in Week 8, the respawn points are as follows:
Los Siete Outpost I southwest of Cholesterol
Los Siete Outpost II northwest of Abandoned Sawmill
The Seven Outpost III northeast of the Daily Bugle
Outpost V of The Seven west of Control Cavern

It would be a good idea to complete this quest as soon as possible. Although we still have time before Fortnite Season 2 ends, the Choppas will change their location. We have already seen it with other elements such as tanks. This is because there is currently a war between The Seven and the OI. If we meet the challenge now, we won’t have to worry about where the helicopters are in the future. Remember that you should only use them to advance 1,000 meters, and from that moment, you can usually continue playing.