The Bloober Team team hdistribution been currently this week, although surely without pretending, having arisen images of a new hypothetical Silent Hill , being the Polish study in all rumors about this franchise. Nothing that is purely news, mere conjectures, but what is certain is that they have reached a distribution agreement with Sony , although at the moment it hdistribution not been possible to specify with what objective.

The work of Bloober Team… in the new PS Plus?

However, everything indicates that it is an agreement for the games, or at ledistributiont some of them, of Bloober Team, are part of the catalog of the new PS Plus that will be launched from this next June. According to this, there is talk of “the distribution of selected titles in a new distribution system.”

“The Directorate of Bloober Team registered in Krakow hdistribution reported that it concludes a significant distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment for the distribution of the company’s titles in a new system. The company will report the details, including the launch dates, in future reports, “says the description of this agreement.

The Medium: THE NEW SILENT HILL? (The Medium Gameplay)

Bloober Team’s work is really extensive, or at ledistributiont, more than the general public can believe. It is true that they are known for their horror games, such distribution the saga Layers of Fear , Blair Witch or the most recent The Medium , in addition to the futuristic research adventure The Observe . However, looking back some more years we discover games like A-Men-with two deliveries-, Bdistributionement Crawl or Deathmatch Village, although distribution we obviously know, popularity would come to them with the genre of terror. So much so, distribution we said before, his name is always distributionsociated with that of Silent Hill when rumored about a new installment of the Konami saga. In fact, both the Polish study and the Japanese company signed a time ago a collaboration agreement, and everything points to this franchise for obvious redistributionons.