Craftton (CEO Kim Chang -han) will hold the delivery app Yogiyo and ‘The Chicken of the Collection is a Reality’ event until the 29th.

The ‘Mo -Bae’s Chicken becomes Reality’ event is an event designed to allow users to actually enjoy chicken, the representative menu of delivery app, by focusing on the victory phrase of Battleground Mobile.

Craft Tone offers chicken discount coupons available in Yogiyo to all users who connect to Battleground Mobile by 29th. In addition, among the users who won the first place in the game from Monday to Wednesday during the event, a total of 1,000 people will be drawn for 2 weeks for 2 weeks and a gift certificate worth 20,000 won will be presented.

During the same period, Yogiyo will draw 40,000 of the app users to present in -game items such as chicken medals and chick school uniforms, and real goods such as backpacks, backpacks, sam -tuk, chicken dolls, and ocean beach towels. You can automatically apply if you order a menu with an event ticket within the Yogiyo App Promotion page or purchase a mobile gift certificate ‘Yogiyo Gift’.

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For more information about the event, please visit the Battleground Mobile Cafe and Yogiyo app.