DHL lost in court. This is a reason for joy for consumers, because a frequent annoyance should be a thing of the past.

Dortmund-In the future, DHL suppliers will no longer be able to put the packages as they have done many times. Customers benefit from this court judgment, as DHL knows.

DHL loses in court: package messengers are no longer allowed to do this

If you are eagerly awaiting a package and know that you are not at home on the delivery day, you can determine a storage location at DHL. This can be, for example, behind a large plant on the doorstep or in the carport. The storage location can be specified once or permanently. In the second case, however, it can be quite unfavorable for the recipient-at least until now (more digital news at DHL).

So far, according to FOCUS, it was said in the DHL terms and conditions: “If the recipient has given a parking permit, the package is deemed to be delivered if it has been parked at the position specified in the approval”. However, the Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia complained-and received encouragement. Because this corresponding clause should no longer be used, the judges judged on Friday.

The reason: the customers are disadvantaged because the parcel service was not obliged to notify. Appropriate information would enable customers of the delivery service to “take the program soon,” said the Federal Court of Justice. Without this notification, however, parcel customers could wait for their package for days, while for DHL everything has long been done.


DHL in court: No notification – customers know the problem

Therefore, the shipment can no longer be viewed in the future, just because it was deposited at the storage location. It is actually also customary without duty that DHL announces the delivered or upcoming packages – but this message is not uncommon.

Customers are then waiting in vain for an SMS, an email or notification via the app. Because even if some package messengers leave a note in the mailbox, or inform about other ways about delivery, this is by no means always the case. But this is not the only problem of DHL, because packages recently not arrived at all.

But even if customers only do not know about the delivery, the risk that a package will be damaged or stolen increases. According to DHL, the selected storage location should be protected by the weather and cannot be visible on your own property, but this is not a guarantee against the damage or theft.

Rubric list picture: © kjpeters/Imago