Epic Games has kicked off the summer season with a series of great games available completely free to everyone with an account. If last week we were lucky enough to get Borderlands 3, this week they are back with everything to present us with an excellent pack for any video game lover: Bioshock Collection. As you are reading it, the American giant has just announced that we will have the saga created by the controversial Ken Levine utterly free of charge this week.

You have to enter the Epic Games Store and download it to get it. But be careful since it is for a limited time, and as we have mentioned before, you have a period of one week (until June 2) to claim it. To make it easier, we leave you the download link below.

Descargar Bioshock: The Collection gratis en Epic Games Store
Being the complete collection, we will have at our disposal each one of the expansions available in the second and third parts of the franchise. This is one of the best sagas of the last decade, especially for its enormous narrative power and the atmosphere that catches you from the first minute. It is a first-person shooter with RPG touches in which we will always embody the protagonist of the story, although, in each title of the saga, our role in the game will have more or less weight.

Next Thursday, there will be another gift, as usual, in the Epic Games Store. The digital store gives away one or several games every week and usually anticipates them with the margin above in advance. But other times, they reserve the unknown and point to surprise games, which is what we will have in 7 days. There is an AAA waiting to be discovered and downloaded for everyone when this happens.