Until now, the aircraft of the “Ace Combat” series has shown a unique shape like a double boomerang, and has gained popularity in the core of the story of “3” “X-49 Night Ren” . In this article, we will deliver the plastic model review ** of the “X-49” (commonly known as Night Loben) released by Kotobukiya at the end of October 2021.

Until now, Kotobukiya has developed two types of plastic models related to “Ace Combat”, a model with some painted parts and “for Models Edition” for models (“ADFX-10F/ADF-11F). Is an exception). This 1/144 “X-49” is a release with only one non-painted model.

“X-49 Night Leven” with a sense of size after “ADFX-10F/ADF-11F”

Let’s take a look at the whole picture from the runner of this kit. There are 12 runners, including the exhibition base, and large parts that symbolize all wings are noticeable. The parts of “Night Reven” are frequently used with jump gates (commonly known as undergate), and there are many consideration to prevent the disconnection of whitening and chipping as much as possible from the top.

The assembly manual has advanced from the previous “ADFX-10F \ ADF-11F”, and the completion diagram for each part has made it easier to see at a glance what parts are made at that stage.

Parts are assembled in five levels: upper wing → lower wing → up and down union → left and right frames → wheels/pylons. The final gate processing is important because the jump gate is frequently used, and it is difficult to match it to the end unless the interference part is firmly scraped (the composition also has many notes). 。

If it is only assembled, it is so simple that it can be brought to the completion, including the exhibition base in an hour. There are few attached parts, and in addition to the exhibition base, only a detachable wheel and a missile of the opening and closing type are included. On the other hand, because it is an aircraft with a length of 30.11m long in the setting, the total width is about 21cm even on 1/144 scale, and it is large enough to hold one hand. It is a huge size that gives a different impression from the previous 1/144 “ADFX-10F”.

If you look closely, you will notice the newly redesigned part 1/144 “Night Laven”

Let’s look at the whole 1/144 “X-49” completed with a bare assembly before entering the complete paint. Because it is a double-leaf wing machine, it is a unique silhouette compared to all wings such as the B-2 or ordinary double leaves. The molding color is not the black color of the main game, but rather a modern stealth machine color with redness (the molding color is the same as 1/144 ADF-11F).

According to Kotobukiya’s blog, this kit does not reproduce the HD model in “Ace Combat Infinity”, but is the impression of the appearance of “Ace Combat 3”. If you look closely, the modeling around the upper engine is not only different from the “Infinity” version , but also the features of the game of “3” and the characteristics of the anime part new modeling ** It is.

When the aircraft is tilted, the details on the surface and the silhouette as a double-leaf wing machine are emphasized, giving the impression that it seems to fly strongly. The original “Ace Combat 3” has been released for the first PS for more than 20 years, but after the last 20 years, it has been three-dimensional as a plastic model (when it reappears in “Ace Combat Infinity”. Although it has been converted to HD), the uniqueness and old-fashioned design is amazing.

Missile is a storage type instead of suspending the wings, so you can’t see it unless you tilt the aircraft or look up from the front. There is a clear circle on the bottom of the aircraft, so you can clearly check it. The details on the back of the night leven are noticeable when the parts are incorporated, but all of them live together without discomfort, and it seems that there is no problem if left as it is.

Looking at the Night Loben aircraft with the same scale, it has two widths for a general fighter, almost the same as the ADFX-10F. You can see that it is unusually large as a fighter. Even if you want to shoot a kit at various angles, it is a pity that the attached exhibition base is small and lacks stability and has a structure that is easy to fall.

Night Laven has a great presence in the elementary class. Because it is a unique and huge aircraft, it has a sufficient value of 6,600 yen (including tax) for a subtle expensive feeling. Next, let’s paint and erase the match, and brush up the entire aircraft.