Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) ‘s new mobile MMORPG Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond (hereinafter referred to as Mir M) reveals the official service schedule through the online showcase.

The Mir M Showcase, “Special Companion to the Mir Continent,” will be broadcast on real-time broadcasting on the official Youtube channel of Wemade from 12:00 Tomorrow (31st). Actor Hwang Jung-min will play the role of a guide to the Mir continent and will show Mir M by walking around the background of the game, including bank goals and non-cheonseong.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase | PS5
Through this online showcase, Wemade will release the official Mir M official service schedule and quench to enhance the game. At 10 pm on the 31st, Kakao Shopping Live will showcase the second showcase Mir M special broadcast, ‘All-out Wave.’ We plan to communicate with users and demonstrate their own play.

At the same time, Mir M Mid game core content video ‘Munpa’ was newly released. Munpa is an indispensable content for character growth in Mir M. Users can participate in large-scale battles such as Munpa Challenge and Non-Song Occupation Exhibition with other users through the Munpa. A strong door can lead to the “King of Sabuk Province,” which reigns as the strongest Mir continent, and can have a huge influence on battle and economy.

Wemade’s new mobile work Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond pre-booking and details can be found on the brand site.