Coffee Stain Publishing, Coffee Stain N ORTH, and Koch Media have released GOAT SIMULATOR 3 software for PS5/Xbox Series X | S/PC (Epic Games Store Exclusive) in the fall of 2022. 。

This is a sequel to the goat mulator GOAT SIMULATOR series. Set on San Agora Island, a vast sandbox island where mystery and chaos sleep, operate the legendary goat Pilegal, find a secret hidden on the island, or destroy the map on the map. And you can enjoy the search freely.

A large number of new elements, such as goats, goats wearing hats, and goats wearing a hat on a goat, will also be included. It is said that there are several disasters that are impossible in reality, secret animal society, triple jumps, and other meaningless functions that are unthinkable. It is said that there is even ending.

In addition, it supports up to four multiplayer. Everyone is a goat, all of which can adventure the world, work together to set up NPCs, play with seven kinds of pleasant mini-games, and of course, colleague cracks. Please check how four goats fall into confusion in the announcement trailer.

◆ Goat Simulator 3 Overview

The legendary goat, the pill goal god is re-and down, and it!


Lead the flock and jump into the world of GOAT SIMULATOR 3. Beyond that, a newly reborn and real farm is spreading into the sandbox space. A Zannen experience that is embraced by the heroine’s chest that no one loves.

Yes-this time came again. The goat is coming. And they are gathering one after another in the pil goal. Regardless of the local online, you can invite up to three friends to cooperate. You can collect and massacre a massacre, or compete in a mini game. Once the use is done, the poi is also very ant.

Would you like to throw yourself again in the supreme confusion? Let’s run around this new open world endlessly, licking, hitting your head, and doing your best! Enjoy the most wasted time since GOAT SIMULATOR! How to play is completely up to the player (there is a tutorial). We only provide a place to immerse yourself in a dream goat.

◆ Features

■ You can be a goat

The goat that the player operates! Its name is Pilegal. In addition, you can wear other goats skins. Tall goat, delicious goat, angry goat… you can dress as any goat you want.

■ Multiplayer that can be enjoyed with up to 4 animals

Friends can be a goat together! Equipped with a local online 4-player co-op play function. You can adventure the world with your friends, work together to set a mischief on the NPC, and play with seven pleasant mini games. (Note: We are not responsible for cracking.)

■ Explore the huge San Agora Island

In the vast sandbox world, many secrets, quests, collections are sleeping, and this time there is even an ending! Explore San Agora by walking around with four horseshoes, dragging your buttocks, driving the best vehicle in the go-Life! (Note: All goats can drive a car in this work.)

■ Let’s enjoy the reaction with confusion

While wandering around the map, licking, licking, hitting, bumping, exploding at the end, causing a big confusion in every way and bothering all NPCs. Use the four major elements you know (fire, electricity, oil, and sticky liquid candy) to challenge the limits of physics in this world. If you operate the suspicious object on the map, you may be literally surprised.

■ Customization

The head, back, legs, body, corners, and fur can be fully customized. From toilet paper to tie tray, more than 300 kinds of gear parts are available, regardless of whether or not you want. Some gear parts can be changed to change the play style by giving new abilities, and simply showing your sense of badness.

◆ COFFEE STAIN NORTH, Creative Director Santiago Ferrero’s comment

Since the first Goat Simulator released, we felt that we couldn’t express the sense of reality and goat in the previous work, so we have repeated Google search for the last few years-. Finally, this work was completed. In Goat Simulator 3, you can overwhelmly enjoy a wonderful goat experience. Is it worth paying? I don’t know that, but what I bought. If you are asked to regret, you will probably answer.

GOAT SIMULATOR 3 is a legitimate sequel to the joke game GOAT SIMULATOR born from the game jam as an April Fool’s Day story. In 2014, the previous work Goat Simulator was transplanted to Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Apple Arcade after selling millions on console and PC, creating a sensation for yagi-imulation. This work is based on all the elements that were evaluated in the previous work, and not only the fans of the previous work, but also those who play Goat Simulator for the first time in this work will enjoy the next generation of yagi. receive.

Goat Simulator 3 will be released in the fall of 2022 on PlayStation5, Xbox Series X | S, PC (Epic Games Store). Regarding the start of reservations in Japan, we will guide you up in the near future.

Goat Simulator 3 will be released in the fall of 2022. The price is undecided.