With the FPS increase on the Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series s gaming consoles, older games can gain from a higher frame rate that goes through the original rate at the time of magazine.

With the current statement by Dragon’s Conviction 2, the question arose whether the very first component of the series, which was released on Xbox 360, might not likewise obtain FPS therapy.
Jason Ronald from Xbox Team was able to address this inquiry directly, otherwise favorable.
Due to the fact that evidently there were troubles to qualify the video game for the boost.
Ronalds replied: The group examined Dragon’s Dogma when we dealt with FPS Boost.

There were some unwanted negative effects that meant that it can not receive the program.
Where this was exactly the problem can not be made clear.
However for the moment being, you must not have any type of hopes of playing the video game with an increase of the FPS numbers.