Gamecube is another test of the commitment of Nintendo for keeping originality and innovation in video games alive. Small and with an attractive design, at the time **** offered a great value for money taking into account its remarkable power. Inside it houses a PowerPC CPU to 485 MHz with advanced instructions, custom GPU designed by ATI to 162 MHz and can handle up to 33 million polygons with textures and effects.

Gamecube , possibly had the best architecture of her generation, was easy to program for her and her power provided some of the best graphic effects of the time. The proof of all this was materialized in large video games such as: Star Wars: Rogue Leader , Metroid Prime, Re Remake O Twilight Princess . The posterior version of the mythical RE4 for PS2 , clearly was lower against Gamecube .

The first Nintendo console in using optical discs, specifically Mini DVD format. Initially announced with the name Project Dolphin , Gamecube sold 22 million units worldwide. Many consider it a commercial disaster but was slightly behind Xbox, with 24 million. The reality is that, in terms of sales, both were quite far from the 155 million units of PlayStation 2 .

Gamecube is also remembered for his command, one of the best controllers that we have had the pleasure of holding in our hands. Today it is still one of our favorites. GC was the last console of Nintendo that received a video game from that unforgettable Rare . The famous English study, responsible for works such as: Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, provided his farewell with Star Fox.

Here you have our Gamecube top 20. We hope you enjoy it: