Started Trooper! In Starship Troopers: Terran Command it goes to Kwalasha. An ugly planet. A bug planet! And so that you come back alive, you can find out in our tips guide:

  • What strategies against the beetles help
  • What units you should use
  • How to place your trooper properly

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The basic game mechanics of Starship Troopers: Terran Command explains

The desert planet Kwalasha was colonized by the mining industry and is an important resource supplier for the military. Unfortunately, the hard-working colonists dug too deep and highlighted a number of bug holes. Now the brave men and women of the mobile infantry are needed to stop the insect plague.

As in classic real-time strategy games, you maneuver your troops, occupied and expand bases and requests reinforcements. Starship Troopers: Terran Command focuses on the movements and the position game of the units. Pure constant fire and blind storms into the droves of bugs only many names on the killed-in action list.

tips & tricks on the units & skills

The bugs are not only simple beetles, they also have many different units. So also the mobile infantry. In order to survive successfully on the battlefield, it is important to get to know all units ** and know how to use them effectively against the insect plague:

The simple soldier is equipped with a assault rifle with which it can effectively keep entire hordes of bugs in check. Come too close to your opponents, change to the shotgun mode and thus increase the damage. The soldier also has MX90 grenades for a larger collection of bugs.
snipers , on the other hand, rely on weapons with immense large reach and should therefore never be at the forefront. They are perfect to switch off the sparrow-beetles that can spit caustic acidity at an early stage.
If you want to outdo entire bug hordes quickly, you should get some rocket trooper *. Their highly explosive explosive devices not only destroy entire arachnid swarms, but also disassemble the particularly large beetles in the shortest possible time.

Each unit also has special skills. If your teams survive long enough, get up in the rank and receive further upgrades. The radio officer can then, for example, call a dropship for fire support, while the huge M-11 Marauder can request an artillery bombardment.

How to put your units correctly in position

In order to keep your team alive, the units should be correctly put in position . Hold the mouse button for the movements to see the formation that the soldiers take in their end position. Attention: Your Trooper must have free field of vision for shooting. If half the mobile infantry changes through a narrow alley into the back rows, valuable muzzle fires will be lost.

Supports the standard units on the front with tactical officers and snipers and let them take a stand behind walls, burned-out vehicles and increases. This slows down the incoming bugs and gives the mobile infantry more time to eradicate the beetle plague.

If closer courses do not avoid and a crush to come, send the fighting engineers into the front row . Your flame thrower heats up the Arachnids properly and you can build protected towers at certain points. Make sure that the towers are built in the right direction.

It is best to switch on larger goals such as the plasmbugs with MK. II troopers and marauders. The latter are even able to fire while running. Perfect to enable the other soldiers a tactical withdrawal and to receive new positions . If no marauder is available to you, the most inexperienced unit always lets a heroentot die. If you pull all the units back, the bugs quickly get you in and you lose the complete mobile infantry.

occupies old outposts and ensures supplies

The Starship Troopers gameplay: Terran Command is not designed for a base construction. Nevertheless, there are buildings that you place at fixed points can . They grant you new units.

These places are located on old outposts . Clean the places of all four-to-legs, occupy the radio house and order new troops to your position. You can also replenish the battered squads on the dropship zones.

There are two types of resources **:

stocks * determine how many soldiers are under your command.
Dropships * indicate how fast and how many units you can call at the same time.

It is best to take all outposts on a card. This increases your army and allows you a quick transport of units between the radio buildings. These places can be used for strategic maneuvers and raids.

However, since the bugs do not idle how the mobile infantry sets out at home, they will attack regularly. You have to weigh up how many units stationed her for defense and how many Trooper sends her to the mission. Tip for defense : Let the engineers set up some protected towers.

smokes the bug hives

Important: You can expect a never-ending rush of the Arachnids, Unless they destroy their dwellings. For this, Trooper must go into the bug holes and destroy them from the inside. You have no influence on the procedure in the Hives, but how much resistance awaits you.

Only ensures that there are no more bugs in the area. Above all, Plasma bugs should be tracked down and destroyed. Then you place a group of three rifle troopers in a U-shape in front of the entrance and do every beetle until the red beetle symbol has disappeared. Only then should you send your soldiers into it. There will still be a few losses, but they are predictable.

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