Level Five announced Megaton-class Musashi X (Cross) on July 1. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch/PS4, which will be distributed this fall for free basic play.

Megaton Class Musashi X (Cross) is a work that has been used for free play of the robot action RPG for Nintendo Switch/PS4 Megaton class Musashi. The previous work was sold at a full price of 6974 yen including tax. In addition to the contents of the free update of the same work Vol.1 to 6, many new elements such as story, system and aircraft have been added. The content of Megaton-class Musashi Kai, which was announced as a paid large update of the previous work, will be introduced in the new work.

In this work, in addition to the story that the protagonists unfold, you can enjoy the exhilarating battle and customization unique to a giant robot. A giant robot rogue called the Megatonweight is piloted and counterattacks the invader from the outer space. Rogue can customize the appearance and performance by doing missions. Create your own rogue and defeat the enemy. In addition, this work supports local online cooperation play with up to three people.


New elements added to this work include Season 2 stories and online battles (PvP), new aircraft, characters, weapons, and stages. The legendary Super Robot, Mazinger Z and Getter Robo, will participate as a new aircraft. In these aircraft, all parts will be used to use special special moves.

In addition, the player of the previous work Megaton Class Musashi can take over save data to Megaton class Musashi X (cross). All statuses have been shifted, and you can play this work using the aircraft that have been played and enhanced so far. In addition, limited items can be purchased as a takeover reward. It is not possible to take over save data to different platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch version to the PS4 version.

Megaton Class Musashi X (Cross) will be distributed this fall for free basic play for Nintendo Switch/PS4.

In addition, anime development is also performed for Megaton class Musashi. In conjunction with this announcement, the teaser PV of the TV anime Megaton Class Musashi Season 2, which will start broadcasting on October 7, has been released. In Season 2, the world outside Ixia is drawn magnificently, and the highlights are the new characters and the united scene of the new aircraft Musakrus. In addition, a mysterious rogue may appear in charge of the mechanic design by Go Nagai. Check out the anime official website for details.