Hae-gin (CEO Lee Young-il), a mobile game company, has added a new mini-game ‘Solangmalang: Battle Royale’ to its mobile casual social network game ‘Play Together’.

‘Solangmalang: Battle Royale’ is a game that competes to survive the last one, as the name suggests, and can enter the game waiting room through NPC ‘Nick Buri’ located in Caia Island Square. If you jump out of the waiting room, it will be matched in ‘Solangmalang: Battle Royale’, and all eight players must be matched to the game and it is impossible to enter after the start.


‘Solangmalang: Battle Royale’ will wear a real-time battle to become a single winner by wearing items that fit their play style among the various types of equipment provided in the field.

In particular, it is expected that the brilliance of users with various supplies such as concealment using the map’s features, cover and extensive explosions, and the weapons and recovery items provided in the game is expected to be another fun factor.

About 80 kinds of insects, including deer beetles, scarabs, butterflies, and other insects across Caia Island. Insects live throughout the islands such as camping grounds, plazas, and downtowns.

The NPC ‘Le Juboro’, located in the camping ground, can be purchased ‘Dragonfly’ for insect gathering, and the collected insects can also be exchanged as a star in the game.