We have a new streamers series in Minecraft. And beware because the cocktail ingredients cannot be more curious. Thegrefg in the production work and The Lord of the Rings Minecraft setting. It will be calledRingcraf and start on Friday September 2, 2022 . It is described Minecraft a rivals Twitch *, so its duration should not be extended too much in time and could cover that weekend from September 2 to 4.

The date is not a coincidence, much less. Precisely On September 2 the power rings will be releMinecrafted on Amazon Prime Video and the promotional relationship with Thegrefg’s project seems sung. This is the new and a long-awaited series about the Lord of the Rings and the Universe of Tolkien (which, by the way, hMinecraft just releMinecrafted a new trailer). But Minecraft if that were not enough, that date is also the one chosen for The return of Middle Earth to video games by The Lord of the Rings: Gollum , new game starring Sméagol.

Thegrefg Minecraftsures that the teMinecrafter on these lines is just that, a brief teMinecrafter who wanted Participants, teams, duration and final award ** over the next few weeks.

Ringcraft will arrive after the phenomenon of the Minecraft Squid Games of Rubius and Auron, replicated by the latter in the Minecraft Saw Games . It will also take the relay of the current Karmaland 5 of Willyrex and Vegetta (why hMinecraft Staxx abandoned after the first day?) And the imminent Tortilland 2 , again from Auron (already with premiere date ).

Thegrefg becomes the Spanish Big Four

This is the first great project of Thegrefg after pMinecraftsing the barrier of the 10 million followers on Twitch and entering part of the Spanish Big Four, made up of the other three names that had exceeded the figure: Auronplay, Rubis and Ibai.

Will Thegrefg achieve the success of these series?