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The new Assassin’s Creed would already have a name

In recent months rumors of the next launch of Assassin’s Creed have emerged, it was initially mentioned that it would take the Aztecs as a base, a statement that was denied shortly after. Then there was talk that the franchise would reach Japan as its main scenario, and now, it seems that this expected video game already has an official name.

According to a new report released by the YouTuber, J0nathan, the game is going to be called Assassin’s Creed Mirage , and it is mentioned that the title will seek to return to the origins that made the series known as the largest of Ubisoft. So the stealth elements will be present, thus leaving a little aside to the most new game mechanics.


Even Jason Schreier of Bloomberg has corroborated this information:

A familiar person tells me that parts of this new Assassin’s Creed filtration are true (such as the name and other things that Bloomberg has already reported: Spring 23, Baghdad, back to the basics of AC) and other parts are not (Multiple cities to explore)

It is worth mentioning that it has been said at low voices that the arrival of the game will be in the spring of 2023 . And its announcement is possible during the next important event of Ubisoft , which will take place within a week later, so that fans of the saga should be attentive to the next details of the company.

New club for ex-BVB

The Uruguayan striker routinian Edinson Cavani changes at no cost to FC Valencia.
In the meantime, Cavani had also been related to BVB when it was seeking a substitute for the cancer-sick Sébastien Haller.
As the Spanish club around train Gennaro Gattuso revealed on Monday evening, the 35-year-old Uruguayer authorized an agreement till 2024.
After 200 goals in 301 affordable video games for Paris St. Germain, Cavani 2020 switched over to Manchester United in the Premier Organization, likewise for free at the time.
There, nevertheless, the center forward was unable to build on the objective quota from his time at PSG and at the Italian top club SSC Naples (104 objectives in 138 suits).


At the end of June, his agreement ran to the English document champions.
For Uruguay, Cavani hit the net 58 times in 133 video games.
Most recently, the nationwide player had expressed the wish to play at this year’s World Mug in Qatar for his home nation.

Unterhaching instructor Wagner: We have to proceed attacking

The buying policy prior to this period is most likely responsible for the recently won sovereignty: the protection versus the strong new goalkeeper René Vollath (32, Türkgücü Munich) received only eight goals in nine games. In midfield, the new Maximilian Welzmüller (32, FC Bayern Munich II) as well as Sebastian Maier (28, Türkgücü Munich) provide more stability. In the attack, Mathias Fetsch (policy priors Offenbach) verifies his top qualities as an ice-cold complete plug. In Würzburg, the 33-year-old already scored his 6th period goal in ninth dedication in the 55th minute.

The SpVgg Unterhaching practically assembled a double pack on Friday night: With the 1-0 away win at the Würzburger policy priors, the group of coach Sandro Wagner not only defended the league lead, however also distanced the biggest rival in the title fight to five points. Unterhaching is the most effective group in the organization as well as also effectively inhabited in terms of quality, claimed policy priors coach Marco Wilder’ transgression (41) to the group of his mentoring associate Sandro Wagner respect, that was extremely satisfied with the accomplishment: I’ve been a trainer for 15 months currently In Haching, and we took a step onward once again, yet it was the hardest video game for us so much, claimed Wagner.

Krattenmacher in the footsteps of Adeyemi

They are also the lots of skilled very own plants that fit flawlessly into the prominent total construct. After the trend-setting triumph in the top, Wagner when again commended the replacement Maurice Krattenmacher (4 objectives this period), that, according to Karim Adeyemi (now near Borussia Dortmund) Always excellent, excites Wagner.

The precise mix of young as well as old presently makes the local organization leader so solid. But also for Wagner there are likewise other characteristics: Overall, all gamers have actually ended up being more athletic, certainly this has a positive result, claims the 34-year-old ex-professional. The Hachinger Train did not wish to overstate the success in Würzburg: We enjoy as well as appreciate the moment, but we likewise have to strike in the following video games.

All remafiaons to discover the first mafia, free for a limited time in Steam

On August 28, 2022, no less than 20 years hmafia been completed since we first went up to Tommy Angelo’s taxi. The first mafia debuted by the hand of Illusion Softworks and quickly became a cult clmafiasic. Now Take-Two offers for a limited time the possibility of getting it for free. Between September 1 and 5 will appear on your Steam profile without additional cost. Suma to your library and will automatically linked to your account. For all these remafiaons you must discover it (or rejugar it).

The crime at the gates of World War II

The great depression hit the United States for a good part of the 1930s, just in the years prior to the explosion of the Second Munidal War. New Heaven, the fictitious city in which Mafia is set, offers a raw contrmafiat vision between the lower and high clmafias. Young emigrants are the ideal breeding ground for families that control neighborhoods, especially Italians. There we enter mafia Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver who seeks to win the wage in the best way he can… until he runs into the Salieri family .

Angelo at the beginning is reluctant with the idea of wanting to get involved with those who go against the law, but Emafiay money and the reputation in the city seduce him to the point that he looks quickly clenching the trigger. Mafia’s narrative at the beginning of the 21st century exceeded the standard of the time in the video game. It wmafia a realistic story about the boom and fall of a kid who sought a future in a society that denied his opportunities.

New Heaven, a faithful recreation of the Great Depression

The fictitious city in which Mafia is set gives off the spirit of the 30s , with those bodies so striking and difficult to direct. In our original analysis we already pointed it out: Where the city reaches a fantmafiatic result, cars exceed it. The care that hmafia been given to the recreation of the 60 different types of period cars that can be driven is very difficult to find. The shape of the vehicle is nailed to the original model, the surfaces appear polished and bright, with adequate reflection effects and with all kinds of details in the body, something that will be even more clear when they take a few hours of play and learn to differentiate some models well.

The influence of The Godfather on the work of the Czechs is evident, but he manages to have a recognizable and unique identity. In fact, the direction of video scenes offered a great level, something that the remake knew how to enhance thanks to today’s technology. If you want to know where we come from, Mafia is one of the best examples that will go through your keyboard in terms of criminal sandbox with narrative packaging.

Lol: Riot wants to see Miss Fortune in Worlds and adds great improvements for the next patch

Riot Games not for with the changes to League of Legends facing the World Cup and, after announcing a series of very important improvements to Maokai, it is the turn of Miss Fortune . While she is not a champion as abandoned as the twisted treant, it is true that she is one of those characters that receives the most love for the American developer and seems to have wanted to give her wings for the next patch with the aim of seeing her in the next Worlds.

It has been Tim Thetruexy , Riot’s associate designer, who has announced these changes on hunter in virtually all her skills (except her passive). Tim himself has mentioned that the intention of these adjustments are aimed at to improve the build of the champion’s critic and adjust the lethality , which was being the most normal in the champion during the last patch.

As can be seen in the adjustments and improvements, one of the great changes that can be seen with the new Miss Fortune will be the time of casteo of its Q-Redoble , which will take the same as a normal self-Ataque and, therefore, depend on the attack speed we have . In addition, AP climbing has been improved in all skills, something that we have not fully understood since several months ago Riot herself put an adjustment in the champion inside League of Legends that prevented the Builds_ of magical damage They were viable.


While it is true that it does not seem to be something that is currently worth it, it is likely to be something to take into account in the future , since players could find an explosive combination that breaks the head of Riot developers.

2022 Rolled Cup LCK Representative Line Power will be held from September 1 to 3

-T1, 2022 LOL World Championship Tickets

-Damwon Kia-Live Sandbox winner Seed Seed

-KT-DRX must win twice to secure seeds 4 times

The selection of two teams of LCK will be held from September 1 to 3 (from September 1st to 3rd (League of Legends> World Championships in North America.

League of Legends, League of Legends, League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), will be 2022 at the LCK Arena located in the Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul from September 1st to 3rd. The World Championship (Rolled Cup) LCK representative will be held.

LCK will play four teams in the 2022 Rolled Cup, thanks to the 2021 Rolled Cup and the 2022 Mid Season Invitational. In 2022, according to the results of the LCK Spring and Summer Split, Zenji and T1 have already confirmed their entry into the Rolled Cup.


The team who won the LCK Summer Finals held in Gangneung on the 28th obtained the LCK No. 1 seed qualification, and the team will go straight to the Rolled Cup group stage with seeds given to the highest scorer of the championship point.

Four teams are in the Rolled Cup LCK representative. Damwon Kia, who has 100 championship points, Rib Sandbox with 80 points, KT Rollster and DRX with 30 points. Guangdong Prix, who won the semi-finals in Spring, also secured 30 points, but Guangdong Prix is not able to compete because it is given weight to the summer performance.

The selection is conducted in a partial double elimination method. Damwon Kia and Live Sandbox, who are highly points, confront the top teams, and KT Rollster and DRX faced in the subordinates.

The top-ranked winner gets seed 3 and enters the Rolled Cup, and the lower-level winner plays in the final match with the top loser. The final winner is LCK No. 4 Seed and plays in the Rolled Cup, starting with the play-in-stage held in Mexico City. All of the 2022 Rolled Cup LCK representative matches will be played in five wins and three wins.

This year’s Rolled Cup opened in Mexico City on September 29, and will be the long-awaited finals in San Francisco on November 5 through New York and Atlanta.

How to get all resources in the cult of the lamb

If you want to unlock objects, build buildings, cook food and create a living commune, you will need resources. However, it may be difficult to track where to find everything. This is how you can get every resource in the lamb cult.

how to get a stone in the cult of the lamb

At the beginning of the game, you can get stone heaps around your home base to get enough stone for building temple and temple . However, as soon as heaps of stones end, you will need to go on a crusade. When you have the opportunity to choose a direction, select a branch leading to a room with a stone symbol.

After you have acquired enough devotion, you can unlock stone mine for a couple of stone resources.

how to get wood in the cult of the lamb

Wood is used for almost everything, especially at the beginning of the game, as you will need it to breed bonfires. You can start collecting wood, cutting the trees around your home base. However, as soon as they end, you will need to expand.

Go to the Crusades, and when you have the opportunity to choose your own path, you must choose an option with a magazine. This will reward you with a good number of lumber. Later, you can also unlock the pilgrimage of followers through missionaries and various offers that will provide lumber.

If you have enough devotion, you can also unlock forest warehouse that will provide a constant stream of wood. Just keep in mind that the first version of the sawmill will break.

how to get gold in the cult of the lamb

Unlike stone and wood, technically you do not get gold. Instead, you can get gold from boss chests using Tarot cards (especially rabbit paw ), sell resources and extort more coins from your subscribers.

If you prefer an approach similar to mining, go to the battles with bosses. Victory over the bosses gives you gold as a reward, and with each boss you can fight repeatedly.

Finally, you can unlock Cleaning plant Melt gold nuggets in gold coins.

How to get meat in Cult of the Lamb

In addition to the meat of the followers that can be obtained by sacrifice or killing followers, you can really get ordinary and non-nicnibalistic meat in the game, which can be used for cooking. Offering statues Use the RNG approach and sometimes you will drop the meat. The building missionary will also fall meat.

Finally, you can use improved stuffed animals to catch birds, and then use them for meat.

how to get grass in Cult of the Lamb

Grass is one of the most universal resources in the game. You can use it to make food, conduct rituals, create buildings and, in general, to create a commune that is intertwined from the threads of the grass.


When you are on the Crusades, almost every room in the dungeons (especially dark tree ) is filled with grass that can be assembled. Attack the grass after victory over all the monsters in the room, and you are guaranteed at least one piece of grass, and maybe more, depending on your luck.

how to get fertilizer in the cult of the lamb

If you want a crop, you need fertilizers. At the beginning of the game, you can find fertilizers scattered throughout the camp to start planting food. As soon as you deplete your base, go on a crusade.

Like grass, fertilizer will randomly appear in the dungeons. Anura and also dark tree is especially replete with fertilizers.

As soon as you can, create wing and feed your cult. This will make them visit the restroom, which will lead to regular fertilizer.

Looking for more Cult of the Lamb content in games for professionals? Check out all the recipes in the lamb cult.

Series A: Juventus leaves points again

In spite of the begin of lightning, Italy’s football record champion Juventus Turin missed a victory in the collection A Prestiget battle against AS Rome.
Against the Meeting League victor, the old lady did not leave 1: 1 (1-0) on Saturday with the ex-Frankfurt Filip Kostic.

This stalls the goal of the title.

Already in the previous week Juve had actually left factors near Sampdoria Genoa (0-0).
The eleven of Rome instructor Jose Mourinho, who relied on in the offending midfield on the veteran Juve planner Paulo Dybala, wrapped up to the leaders Lazio Rome on seven points after 3 suit days.
Juve center striker Dusan Vlahovic (second) had taken care of the early lead with an exceptional complimentary kick.
Therefore, the previous series master likewise stayed leading, but missed the preliminary decision.
Tammy Abraham (69th) achieved the lovely equalization after Dybala was presented.

FC Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach: Bundesliga now in the online ticker

Prior to the start: Without question, this pairing is one of the standards of the Bundesliga. As well as Borussia in fact took care of to continue to be unbeaten versus FC Bayern last period.

Before the start: The Gladbacher are still only 2 points behind the master. The team of Daniel Farke left this on Schalke (2: 2). The troops from the Lower Rhine made a decision the various other experiences on their own in the DFB Cup with the 9-1 against SV Oberacher. Then VfL won his residence video games against Hoffenheim (3-1) and also Hertha (1-0) in the Bundesliga.

1.: The Munichers quickly go to it, immediately dominate the sphere. On the left in package, Sadio Hair is blocked at the last moment of Ko ItaKura.

FC Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach: Bundesliga currently in the live ticker.

The video game between Munich and Gladbach is not moved on complimentary TV, in complete length you can only see it atSKIES _. From 5:30 p.m. you can change on three channels to preliminary look, particularly onSky Sport Bundesliga (UHD), Skies Sport Bundesliga 1andSkies Sporting Activity Top Event.Wolff Hassle will classify the action as an analyst.

_ Dieser post is continually upgraded. Visit this site for the refresh of the page. _.

See the video game live on Skies! Currently get wow.

Articles as well as video clips on the subject.
* Played with you at FIFA Bayern departure Richards using Lewy as well as Co.
* Register the Bundesliga on Fridays as well as Sundays specifically live on DAZN-now!

1.: as well as the edge from the left brings threat. Joshua Kimmich kicks the ball in the center.

Yellow cards .

Bundesliga, FC Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach: Official lists.

Before the beginning: shortly before the kick-off we look at the referee group. Prior to the beginning: Without concern, this pairing is one of the standards of the Bundesliga. Prior to the beginning: The record champs provided himself early in top type, seems to be even stronger after Robert Lewandowski’s separation. Prior to the beginning: remarkably, FC Bayern marched via the first video games, obtained the initial title of the season (Supercup) at the begin in Leipzig against RB. Prior to the begin: After the German document champ has actually experienced his program in the premier course, the focus is currently on the Bundesliga.

Before the begin: After the German document champ has actually experienced his program in the premier class, the emphasis is currently on the Bundesliga. Versus Borussia Mönchengladbach, the Münchner wants to further expand the ideal start to the period of Bundesliga background. You have ideal nine points in three games-with an objective distinction of 15: 1. Gladbach goes right into the game with 7 factors.
| Summer-Scally, ItaKura, Elvedi, Netz-Kramer, Koné-Hofmann, Neuhaus, Plea-Thuram.



Prior to the begin: soon before the kick-off we look at the referee group. Daniel Schlager was turned over with the video game management.

Neuer-Pavard, Upamecano, Hernandez, Davies-Kimmich, Sabitzer-Coman, Müller, Sane-Mane.

Prior to the start: On the side of the record champs, there is a modification compared to the gala in Bochum. Rather of Matthijs de Ligt (financial institution), Lucas Hernandez slides from left right into central protection as well as Alphonso Davies goes back to the starting eleven after gotten rid of muscle issues.

4.: After a sphere loss from Joshua Kimmich, the guests wish to switch over once more. On the left side, Kouadio Kone tries around the round, yet sees no nation against the exceptionally determined dayot upamecano. With a reasonable beast gravel, the French picks up the praise of the audience.
| FC Bayern: Neuer-Pavard, Upamecano, Hernandez, Davies-Kimmich, Sabitzer-Coman, Müller, Sane-Mane.| Borussia Mönchengladbach: Summer-Scally, ItaKura, Elvedi, Netz-Kramer, Koné-Hofmann, Neuhaus, Plea-Thuram.

Setup Borussia Mönchengladbach .

Square Team Games Tore Difference Factors.
1. Bayern Munich 3 15: 1 14 9.
2. Freiburg 4 7: 3 4 9.
3. Borussia M’Gladbach 3 6: 3 3 7.
4. Union Berlin 3 5: 2 3 7.
Fifth Mainz 05 3 4: 2 2 7.
6. Hoffenheim 3 7: 5 2 6.
7. Borussia Dortmund 3 6: 4 2 6.
8. Fragrance 3 6: 4 2 5.
9. Werder Bremen 3 7: 6 1 5.
10. Augsburg 3 3: 7 -4 3.
11. RB Leipzig 3 4: 5 -1 2.
12. Stuttgart 3 3: 4 -1 2.
13. Schalke 04 3 3: 5 -2 2.
14. Wolfsburg 3 2: 4 -2 2.
15. Eintracht Frankfurt 3 3: 8 -5 2.
16. Hertha BSC 3 2: 5 -3 1.
17. Bayer Leverkusen 3 1: 6 -5 0.
18. Bochum 4 3: 13 -10 0.

At the very same time, there is additionally the chance to see the leading video game online. You can obtain the livestream fromskiesthroughSKYGOorWOW _.

Before the beginning: The record champions offered himself early in top type, seems to be also stronger after Robert Lewandowski’s departure. By the way, there is soon a reunion with the Polish demonstrator, that is currently in the solution of FC Barcelona.

1.: The round rolls.

Prior to the beginning: Hello there and welcome to the top video game of the Bundesliga between FC Bayern Munich as well as Borussia Mönchengladbach.

FC Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach: Bundesliga currently in LiveTicker-0: 0.

For the leading video game of the fourth matchday in the Bundesliga, FC Bayern and Borussia Mönchengladbach satisfy the most effective groups to date. You can adhere to exactly how the phenomenon finishes in the real-time ticker.

FC Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach: Bundesliga today on television as well as Livestream.

Before the begin: impressively, FC Bayern marched with the very first video games, obtained the very first title of the season (Supercup) at the beginning in Leipzig versus RB. In the Bundesliga, Julian Nagelsmann’s young boys remained to open up, often slaughtered the challengers. Eintracht Frankfurt (6: 1), VfL Wolfsburg (2-0) as well as VfL Bochum (7: 0) lacked opportunity.

Before the beginning: The duel of the 2 traditional clubs rises in the Allianz Arena in Munich. At 6.30 p.m., referee Daniel Schlager will certainly whistle the encounter.

Before the begin: There is additionally just one change from the guests. Daniel Farke has to do without Ramy Bensebaini (flu), changes it with Luca Netz.

Gates .

List FC Bayern Munich .

Bundesliga, matchday 4: The current table.

2.: After the adhering to edge there is no danger. The Borussians make every effort for a first counterattack, but they are far from being played.

FC Bayern vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach-0: 0

  • Summer season scally, ItaKura, Elvedi, Netz-Kramer, Koné-Hofmann, Neuhaus, Plea-Thuram.

  • Neuer-Pavard, Upamecano, Hernandez, Davies-Kimmich, Sabitzer-Coman, Müller, Sane-Mane.

Dakar Desert Rally: gameplay as well as open globe provided in a large 4K video

A little less than a week after exposing the existence of Dakar Desert Rally, the Saber Interactive studio makes use of the Gamescom 2022 festivities to formally present the gameplay as well as the open globe of its racing game. We remember that the title is very ambitious theoretically by using lots of possibility of play, like what we locate in other Racing Games like Forza Horizon to name a couple of. Open world obliges, hundreds of square kilometers of land will certainly be achievable, all come with by vibrant weather condition. Dakar Desert Rally also guarantees the 4 periods with a complete day-free cycle, including sandstorms, shedding sunlight, rain, snow and even mud. Of training course, the objective is to go across the goal initially, however it is easy to obtain lost on the way, to discover the environments. Of training course, the video game being under certificate, we will certainly find the stages of the fabulous Dakar rally without any much less than 30 phases that we will be able to take a trip behind the wheel of any type of kind of gear: vehicles, motorbikes, trucks, quads and also ssv (Buggy), all from the world’s biggest producers.

The release of Dakar Desert Rally is anticipated for October 4 on Computer, PS5, Xbox Collection, PS4 and also Xbox One, recognizing that we can currently get it pre-order at the cost of EUR 39.99 in its standard version, while L ‘Deluxe version is provided for EUR 59.99. This version likewise includes the basic video game, the Period Pass Dakar Desert Rally, the DAF Truck Turbo-Twin, the Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 as well as the 5 DLC packs ahead, having a new card, brand-new automobiles as well as two brand-new occasions Rally.


The programmers have actually additionally planned a number of video game modes to differ the pleasures, such as sporting activity setting (which is none besides the traditional game mode), professional and simulation settings for an authentic rally experience, and a multiplayer setting in Line that can suit as much as four players will provide an ultimate affordable challenge. Lastly, realize that the game will certainly likewise use a tailored roadmap author, supplying the whole world of Dakar Desert Rally. It will certainly as a result be possible to produce your very own rally occasions and also phases, as well as even share them with players around the globe.

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