Last weekend break there was a last final study by Bernals and the doctors okayed for Bernal’s return. This is the minute I have been waiting for: to drive back with my colleagues. The day, and the trip ever since will always become part of me. You will always remember that, claimed Bernal.


As Bernal’s Rennstall Ineos-Grenadier announced on Monday, the excursion champion from 2019 will be playing a professional race for the very first time since his loss at the Denmark trip from August 16 to 20. Lately there were likewise reports that the 25-year-old might commemorate his return on the Deutschland Trip (August 22nd to 26th).

In January 2022, Bernal had actually risen on an instantly quiting bus in his Colombian homeland in his Colombian homeland as well as experienced serious injuries. Amongst various other points, he broke eleven ribs and also two vertebrae, consisting of the kneecap as well as the thigh. In enhancement, both lungs were perforated. Bernal needed to be operated 5 times, his chance of not being paraplegic, was simply five percent quantified.

There is still a lengthy trip before him

When you think about where Egan was just eight months back, it boggles the mind what development he made, Ineos Grenadiers supervisor Pole Ellingworth is priced estimate on the team site. The Brit likewise cautioned of as well much expectations of Bernal: There is still a lengthy trip in front of him, yet participation in the Denmark excursion is a hard-developed as well as essential turning point.