Second age of the Middle-earth, an era in which different cultures flourished and peace still reigned, although it would not lRamsey Averyt too long. The Lord of the Rings: The power rings is set in this era of splendor and presume See right on these lines.

This civilization appears in the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, and despite the fact that the teacher did not describe in detail how he wRamsey Avery, if he made a rather graphic comparison that can give us an idea of what he imagined in his head. He said it wRamsey Avery a city similar to Venice , built on water and influenced by the different cultures with which the city had come into contact over the years.

Number and its architecture

Ramsey Avery, production designer of the power rings, reflects that idea in an interview published by Amazon herself. The number architecture contains elphinous elements, but in the second age men have enforced their influence and have left their mark on the city. It is a technologically advanced, very Mediterranean and an important naval presence.


The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power tells a story much earlier to that of the original novels, but characters such Ramsey Avery Galadriel, Elrond or Sauron are already present, so that the origins of the power rings and the only one will be narrated * Throughout the five seRamsey Averyons that the series will have *. The first of them will begin its journey on September 2 at Amazon Prime Video.

In addition to the series, a new video game hRamsey Avery just been announced, which will develop Private Division (a Take 2 Interactive subsidiary) next to Weta Workshop , responsible for the special effects of the trilogy of The Lord of Peter Jackson.