Neowiz announced on the 22nd that it has signed a P2E game development and ‘Intella X’ onboarding contract using ‘Cat and Soup IP’ with Beautiful Games. Cats and soups are Neowiz representative IP, featuring cartoon illustrations and easy operation.

Beautiful Games, which produces cats and soup P2E games, is a mobile game developer specializing in social network games (SNG).

Through this agreement, Beautiful Games plans to develop mobile SNGs with P2E elements using cats and soup IP. The game that has been developed is on the Neowiz Blockchain Platform Intella X, and Neowiz is also in charge of global publishing.

Kang Byung-jong, CEO of Byung-jong Kang, said, Cute and cute cats and soups are a game that goes well with the SNG genre..

An official of Neowiz said, I am pleased to join the Intella X ecosystem.