-T1, 2022 LOL World Championship Tickets

-Damwon Kia-Live Sandbox winner Seed Seed

-KT-DRX must win twice to secure seeds 4 times

The selection of two teams of LCK will be held from September 1 to 3 (from September 1st to 3rd (League of Legends> World Championships in North America.

League of Legends, League of Legends, League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), will be 2022 at the LCK Arena located in the Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul from September 1st to 3rd. The World Championship (Rolled Cup) LCK representative will be held.

LCK will play four teams in the 2022 Rolled Cup, thanks to the 2021 Rolled Cup and the 2022 Mid Season Invitational. In 2022, according to the results of the LCK Spring and Summer Split, Zenji and T1 have already confirmed their entry into the Rolled Cup.


The team who won the LCK Summer Finals held in Gangneung on the 28th obtained the LCK No. 1 seed qualification, and the team will go straight to the Rolled Cup group stage with seeds given to the highest scorer of the championship point.

Four teams are in the Rolled Cup LCK representative. Damwon Kia, who has 100 championship points, Rib Sandbox with 80 points, KT Rollster and DRX with 30 points. Guangdong Prix, who won the semi-finals in Spring, also secured 30 points, but Guangdong Prix is not able to compete because it is given weight to the summer performance.

The selection is conducted in a partial double elimination method. Damwon Kia and Live Sandbox, who are highly points, confront the top teams, and KT Rollster and DRX faced in the subordinates.

The top-ranked winner gets seed 3 and enters the Rolled Cup, and the lower-level winner plays in the final match with the top loser. The final winner is LCK No. 4 Seed and plays in the Rolled Cup, starting with the play-in-stage held in Mexico City. All of the 2022 Rolled Cup LCK representative matches will be played in five wins and three wins.

This year’s Rolled Cup opened in Mexico City on September 29, and will be the long-awaited finals in San Francisco on November 5 through New York and Atlanta.