Riot Games not for with the changes to League of Legends facing the World Cup and, after announcing a series of very important improvements to Maokai, it is the turn of Miss Fortune . While she is not a champion as abandoned as the twisted treant, it is true that she is one of those characters that receives the most love for the American developer and seems to have wanted to give her wings for the next patch with the aim of seeing her in the next Worlds.

It has been Tim Thetruexy , Riot’s associate designer, who has announced these changes on hunter in virtually all her skills (except her passive). Tim himself has mentioned that the intention of these adjustments are aimed at to improve the build of the champion’s critic and adjust the lethality , which was being the most normal in the champion during the last patch.

As can be seen in the adjustments and improvements, one of the great changes that can be seen with the new Miss Fortune will be the time of casteo of its Q-Redoble , which will take the same as a normal self-Ataque and, therefore, depend on the attack speed we have . In addition, AP climbing has been improved in all skills, something that we have not fully understood since several months ago Riot herself put an adjustment in the champion inside League of Legends that prevented the Builds_ of magical damage They were viable.


While it is true that it does not seem to be something that is currently worth it, it is likely to be something to take into account in the future , since players could find an explosive combination that breaks the head of Riot developers.