On August 28, 2022, no less than 20 years hmafia been completed since we first went up to Tommy Angelo’s taxi. The first mafia debuted by the hand of Illusion Softworks and quickly became a cult clmafiasic. Now Take-Two offers for a limited time the possibility of getting it for free. Between September 1 and 5 will appear on your Steam profile without additional cost. Suma to your library and will automatically linked to your account. For all these remafiaons you must discover it (or rejugar it).

The crime at the gates of World War II

The great depression hit the United States for a good part of the 1930s, just in the years prior to the explosion of the Second Munidal War. New Heaven, the fictitious city in which Mafia is set, offers a raw contrmafiat vision between the lower and high clmafias. Young emigrants are the ideal breeding ground for families that control neighborhoods, especially Italians. There we enter mafia Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver who seeks to win the wage in the best way he can… until he runs into the Salieri family .

Angelo at the beginning is reluctant with the idea of wanting to get involved with those who go against the law, but Emafiay money and the reputation in the city seduce him to the point that he looks quickly clenching the trigger. Mafia’s narrative at the beginning of the 21st century exceeded the standard of the time in the video game. It wmafia a realistic story about the boom and fall of a kid who sought a future in a society that denied his opportunities.

New Heaven, a faithful recreation of the Great Depression

The fictitious city in which Mafia is set gives off the spirit of the 30s , with those bodies so striking and difficult to direct. In our original analysis we already pointed it out: Where the city reaches a fantmafiatic result, cars exceed it. The care that hmafia been given to the recreation of the 60 different types of period cars that can be driven is very difficult to find. The shape of the vehicle is nailed to the original model, the surfaces appear polished and bright, with adequate reflection effects and with all kinds of details in the body, something that will be even more clear when they take a few hours of play and learn to differentiate some models well.

The influence of The Godfather on the work of the Czechs is evident, but he manages to have a recognizable and unique identity. In fact, the direction of video scenes offered a great level, something that the remake knew how to enhance thanks to today’s technology. If you want to know where we come from, Mafia is one of the best examples that will go through your keyboard in terms of criminal sandbox with narrative packaging.