Players can combine weapons and seals to create various assemblies in Metal Hell singer. While the main gameplay will not change, Vigils can change the players’ approach to the game. All of them stimulate the game in a certain way and, in combination with a certain weapon, can greatly simplify the game. These are the best assemblies in Metal Hell singer.

The best assemblies in Metal Hell sing

Players have to fulfill torment to unlock the right vigils to use most of these assemblies. The weapon is mainly interchangeable, except use Ghost cartridges sigil.

unlimited ammunition

Ghostly cartridges -this is a sigil that will make the players not spend ammunition when changing weapons. Using this with Absolute sovereignty , a seal that passively receives an ultimate charge, will very quickly give the players their ult for several types of weapons. Volcano especially benefits from this assembly, since it can usually shoot only twice before reloading. You can use either Persephone or hounds since they have very strong ultimatums, and they can benefit from the fact that they do not need to spend ammunition.

Low HP, full DPS

The last breath is a seal that increases the damage that the player causes when he has little health. In pairs with absolute sovereignty , this assembly rotates around the application of as much damage as possible. This build may be unacceptable for players who are fighting to get strokes, but as the players become better, it can double the damage, which players inflict their last improved sigil.

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Raiser rage

Players who have problems with rhythm can be difficult to keep up with Fury. Strand strip as well as perfectionist are fantastic seals that can reward players for success, but have a lesser fine for receiving a blow or a non-standard attack. Players can play with any weapon they want, because this combination does not depend on ammunition or health, but instead focuses on performance.

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