If you have an older smartphone, you will soon no longer be able to use the WhatsApp messenger service.

Dortmund-The WhatsApp messenger service is considered one of the most downloaded apps in Germany. By rapidly sending messages and numerous emojis, the app offers the optimal platform for communication with others. But many cell phone owners can soon no longer use the messenger and there is a certain reason.


WhatsApp will no longer be usable on any smartphone in the future-older cell phones affected

The app remains in principle, but some cell phone owners can no longer use the Instant Messenger from October 24th. WhatsApp’s users who have an older smartphone are affected.

At Apple’s iPhones, an update to the iOS 12 operating system will be necessary in order to continue to use the app, the magazine Watson will say. Updates, bug fixes or functional extensions can then be downloaded from iPhones that have an older operating system than iOS 12. In the future, WhatsApp will no longer work on these devices.

As the messenger service reports on its website, Android phones are also affected. In the future, users will need an operating system from the Android version 4.1 on their devices.

WhatsApp no longer usable on all cell phones in the future: Update old operating systems

However, cell phone owners do not have to panic. Because if you still have an old operating system on your smartphone, you can easily update it. iPhones with the operating systems iOS 10 or iOS 11 can be easily updated. This can take a few minutes.

However, there are exceptions. It is not possible to install the update on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S. These and older Apple smartphones are no longer supported by the messenger.

According to WhatsApp, mobile phone users are notified if an update is necessary for further use. In addition, memory messages are sent to make the necessary upgrade (more about digital at ).

WhatsApp justifies the regular sorting out of older devices with the fact that the company aligns the technical resources to the latest smartphones. In this way, a development in technology is to be promoted. Most recently, WhatsApp has added numerous renovations with the latest update.

Rubric list picture: © Karl-Josef Hildebrand/DPA