If Barn BO Omar and Jane Frieze managed to conquer us all for their idea of offering a mysterious story starring disappearances and jumps in time, this time we have to prepare to face a nightmare in the middle of the ocean . This is 1899, its new horror and suspense series, which finally h a relee date in Netflix: it will be on November 17 when we can enjoy its first seon. In this link you have the first teer trailer (the date h not been accompanied again material).


nightmares on the high se

In the official synopsis of 1899 we can read the following: A group of European immigrants sails from the United Kingdom in the direction of the United States to begin a new life in New York City. Travelers, who come from different places in the old continent, are united by the dream of a new century and for their future abroad. The trip is quiet until they meet another drifting bar in the open sea . At that time everything will change radically and what they will discover aboard that other ship will turn their hopeful trip to the promised land into a horrible nightmare.

Seon 1 of 1899 will consist of 8 episodes and the producer ensures that the way of telling us the story will be innovative and avant-garde, in relation to the way in which the protagonists’ pt will be intertwined by a complicated network of secrets. The commitment promises, because if something made Dark a real ms phenomenon, it w precisely that: the idea of connecting different temporal lines until conceiving a huge narrative puzzle. From next * November 17we will check if it is up to it.