The new Star Wars show presents some impressive funds, and many are real places worldwide. In the first three episodes, there have already been some different planets, and it is difficult to monitor all of them. Here is everything you need to know about all the planets in Star Wars Andorra .

All planets at Star Wars Andorra

* Ferris
* Caspian’s current home with her adoptive mother. It is also important because she has contacts like BIX who live here to sell rare findings. Many people who live in Ferris participate in the rescue of old ships. The planet has a desert climate, which probably contributes to population resistance to authority, since hard climates tend to make people independent and resistant.

Henri *
* The planet of origin of Caspian, where her name was Keisha. It is not known much about the planet, except that a large-scale failed mining operation left a large part of the missing population. Keisha lived in Henri with a group of children, including her sister, whom she had not seen in years. Henri’s climate is that of a leafy forest and provided food and water appropriate to Keisha’s tribe.
Morgan one *
* This mining planet is directed by a corporation that accepts the imperial authority to remain in business. This planet has modern amenities and looks a bit like Coruscate.

That is all we have for now All the planets in Star Wars Andorra . Surely more planets will be presented as the show continues. Check out our other Ardor content, such as when Ardor takes place and why there are no Stormtroopers or inquisitors.

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