The 1.0 version of Vampire Survivors , one of the great surprises of the year, will arrive on October 20, as those responsible through Steam have announced.

This launch of the first final version comes after having spent the whole year in early access; It was published in December 2021 and throughout 2022 it has been updated and adding new content. This anticipated access period has reached a point, in fact, in which all the content it had planned was finished implementing a couple of weeks ago, so all the content we will add in version 1.0 is surprise, say your responsible.


Yes there will be changes and polished of different nature in version 1.0, which otherwise does not seem to want to end there. There is talk of improvements in some mechanics and systems that were not planned, but that have ended up entering the game, and now need improvements of quality of life; Also of the new engine, which Survivors are expected to migrate at the end of the year.

The objective of this new engine is to have exactly the same game with a better performance and compatibility for more devices, explain those responsible. «In addition, like almost everything in Vampire Survivors, this will be optional. So if you satisfy you the current electron version, nobody will force you to move on to the new one ».

Finally, a kind of advent calendar for version 1.0 has been published: from October 7 to 20, a piece of information about this first final launch will be launched, fourteen in total during those two weeks. A few days will be a small detail and others will be something with a little more substance, they explain.

With his deceptively simple proposal, Vampire Survivors has become one of the most popular games of the year; In mid-2022 he lived a peak of popularity in which he even arrived at Game Pass. It is an easy game to understand: all you have to do is move your character by a series of great maps, fulfilling objectives but above all accumulating power based on achieving new weapons, improving them and carrying their attacks (all automatic) to the limit. There are enough characters, weapons and passive skills to be able to dedicate a whole year and continue to get something interesting to each game, and surely in the carelessness with which everything is designed is much of its success, which by the way has tried to be replicated (Without success) on more than one occasion: there is a good handful of clones of vampire survivors in steam and mobiles, and surely arrive more.

You can listen to what we had to say about Vampire Survivors in one of the reels of the previous season; This below, specifically, from the hour and forty minutes.