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Henry Cavill drops the role of Netflix drama Witcher Geralt -replaced Liam Hemsworth from Season 4 to Liam Hemsworth

Netflix has announced that Liam Hemsworth will play the role of Gerald of the main character of the drama series Witcher on behalf of Henry Cavill from Season 4.

Liam Hemsworth, the new Gerald, is known as Gale in the hanger game series. Henry Cavill and Liam Hemsworth presented comments on their Instagram. Liam said, I am flying up on the opportunity to play Gerald, and said, It is very honored that Henry gave me this reins and forgive the sword.

Henry Cavill recalls, My journey as a Gerald was full of monsters and adventures. I would like to take over the torch to him.

Although Henry is not particularly mentioned, he has revealed on October 25 that he will return as a superman on Instagram.


In addition, there is still a long way to the Gerry’s unveiled play by Liam, and the spin-off day Witcher Blood Origin, which starts on December 25, 2022, is in between Henry’s Select, until the season 3 released in the summer of 2023. You can enjoy.

Wordle in Spanish, Tildes and scientist today, October 30: solution and clues to the hidden word

Even Sunday neither Wordle nor its variants close for the weekend, hence they invite us to face a new challenge with their words of the day. In the event that it costs you to guess any of them, here are the advice, clues and solution of the words of October 30 of the Wordle in Spanish, the Wordle Tildes and the scientific Wordle.

A look at… Wordle-Dominalo with these tricks

How to play Wordle, Wordle Tildes and Scientific Wordle

The first thing to keep in mind is that to play Wordle and its other variants you must do so from a computer or a mobile device and then click on any of these links depending on the one you prefer:

Each of them will offer you Six attempts to find out what the word of the day is. When you write one you will see that your letters light up with various colors: green if the letter is placed in its right place, yellow for which they appear in another place and gray for which they do not appear.

On the other hand, in the case of Wordle Tildes one of its vowels must carry tilde and in the scientific Wordle the hidden word is related to science. That said, we leave you with the tracks and solutions of October 30.

Clues for the#297 challenge of the Spanish Wordle of October 30

Solution for the#297 challenge of the Spanish Wordle of October 30

Clues for the#244 challenge of the Wordle Tildes of October 30

Solution for the#244 challenge of the Wordle Tildes of October 30

Clues for the#231 challenge of the scientific Wordle of October 30

Solution for the#231 challenge of the scientific Wordle of October 30


Unit of measure of the intensity of a luminous source. A candle is defined as 1/60 of the luminous intensity of 1 cm. Square of a black body at the melting temperature of the platinum (1,769 °C).

more Wordle tricks in Sinatra

Demolition at Aachen Tivoli: The factors most likely to Gladbach II

Under the chairmanship of Georg Schiphol, the sporting activities court has currently made a decision that the demolition was warranted as well as the game from match day 11 with 2: 0 goals and three factors for Borussia Mönchengladbach is ranked as won.

In the 87th min of the encounter on October 9, 2022, in the Aachen Tripoli Arena, the referee aide was hit by a filled drinks cup of tough plastic, which was tossed out of the target market ranks, the sports court located. As a result, referee Born Schaefer dropped the game at ball game of 0: 1 since the continuation did not appear practical.

mug toss from household block

In the table, the U 23 of the foals stands with 20 points before the 14th match day, identified with 7th location. The Achenes have actually gathered 21 factors as well as ranking fourth.

The video recordings available to the sports court additionally verify this discussion. The referee assistant used a medically attested head injury.

CoD: Modern War 2 – these objections irritate the neighborhood

For the release of Phone Call of Duty: Modern War 2, the shooter needs to take loud criticism from the community. Fans rely on the elements of the current entry of the Activision series against the line-we will certainly reveal you below what the players really bothersome.

New Call of Task has to take criticism

We checked out the launch occasion for Cod: Modern War 2-take a take a look at it here in the video: .

Phone call of Obligation: Modern War 2 divided the shooter community. The Activision Hit has until now had the ability to dirt up mainly favorable testimonials on Heavy steam, however fans still have a lot to whine about in the newest access in the collection Specifically on Reddit, the conversations concerning pests, lack of attributes and also even more are cooking.

COD: Modern War 2-Bugs and missing out on features nerve followers

You do not seem like Call of Responsibility? In our photo series we show you 11 solid shooter choices: .


For the release of Phone call of Obligation: Modern War 2, the shooter has to take loud criticism from the neighborhood.

Additionally, some gamers ask yourself why certain functions are not yet integrated in the game – to name a few things, the area misses obstacles, leader boards and the option to turn off cross-play. (Resource: Reddit).

In order to place on the crown, Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare 2, certainly, does not extra BUGS as well as problems – a Reddit blog post reveals a particularly irritating example in which a target accessory along with a specific Rifle brings about unintentional side results.

Telephone call of Responsibility: Modern War 2 split the shooter community.

In the Subreddit of Phone call of Obligation: Modern Warfare 2 , followers make their disappointment air – particularly some design choices such as menus or the HUD are under fire in the community.

  • Truthfully the most awful interface that I have seen in the previous 10 years as well as Black Ops 4 has actually weird crap in the UI, however that’s really a different degree.
  • Without a joke, I believe that’s actually even worse than Halo Infinite UI, which is remarkably hard. ( Reddit user Moneyball32 ).

How to manage migration in Victoria 3

The growth of your population is the basis of the country’s stability. A country or state must make sure that they satisfy the needs of the population in order to prevent migration or emigration, which will lead to loss of labor and wealth.

Naturally, the population living in the state or country will have its own special needs, desires and aspects of life. Standard of living. Based on this, they will decide whether they want to migrate or not.

Migration means massive movement of the population from one place to another within one state/market. The mechanism standing for the desire of the priest to migrate or emigrate in Victoria 3 is quite complicated.

That is why in this leadership we will consider how to manage migration in Victoria 3.

how migration works in Victoria 3

In the country, the only factor affecting the desire of the population to migrate is its standard of living, but they may or cannot, this is another story. The ability of your population to migrate is determined by the laws of your country. There are three migration laws that you can find in the head of human rights in the laws’ menu.

As soon as the migration is turned on, the population will be able to freely migrate depending on whether they are satisfied with their lives or not, that is, the standard of living. The fact that determines what state they will go to is the attractiveness of migration.

How Migration Attraction works in Victoria 3

The attractiveness of migration, as the name implies, is the main indicator of how suitable for migration. As a rule, it depends on the average standard of living there.

Naturally, if the population is configured for migration, it will move from a state of a lower standard of living to a higher standard of living, i.e. From the place of lower migration attraction to the place of higher migration attraction.

In addition to the standard of living, several more factors influence the level of migration attractiveness, but they are not so effective:

  • Level of devastation and destruction after the war
  • Pitch unemployment values

If you want to support the high bar of the state’s migration attractiveness, you can take a few more steps in addition to solving the above problems.

  • Creation of market capital or shopping centers
  • Application of the law on colonial relocation
  • Using a decree on more green grass

Emigration in target objects of migration

There is a global mechanism that copes with the type of unrest called a cultural mess. This happens between the settlements of the same culture, and the player can do this to this.

Depending on the global levels of cultural shocks, the game can automatically choose the purpose of migration for appropriate settlements. The population from around the world will begin to migrate massively to target objects of migration. This is called emigration.

Modern Warfare 2 Rapp H PC player 24 Ideal attachments as well as courses

Based on the Heckler & Koch HK21, the Ralph is best for the support player, that wishes to hold adversaries and also maintain them away from objectives. Although it misses out on a location in our checklist of the very best modern Warfare 2 weapons due to its absence of flexibility, it is one of the very best modern-day War 2 Legs in the video game and should not be overlooked.

If you love to walk in your hands with a huge, large LMG, after that you will wish to know the secret sauce of the Best Modern War 2 Rap pH-PC Gamer 24 .

Modern War 2 Rap pH-PC gamer 24

The large weight of the Rap H means that it is not the most effective for flexibility, yet with a couple of adjustments occasionally you can change this bulky LMG into the most awful headache of an adversary soldier.

Below is the The Finest Modern Warfare 2 Rap pH-PC player 24 at the moment :

The TV Wrecker deal with is one of minority deals with that does not have an adverse impact on the Ralph by improving the accuracy of the hip fire as well as running rest when targeting, however you can trade it for another thing, depending upon what you get desire from your Legs.
| recipient : Ralph| share : feet mobile camp| back manage : lmk64 deal with| nose : Lock shot KT85| Underlain : DI grip 45| ammo : 7.62 high rate

In the muzzle department, we chose the Lock shot KT85, which boosts both its horizontal and vertical recoil and adds to the fact that your shots remain central. Some PC players 24-Guides advise the Polar fire S, which raises their floor rate as well as damage array. This is a good option if you understand that you can climb somewhere with a sight of a lane, otherwise the KT85 is much better for flexibility.

This computer player 24 was created to boost the mobility of the LMG without losing its crucial qualities. The feet Mobile Supply improves its target, crouch and also sprint development speed as well as its basic ADS rate, in addition to the LMK64 manage, which additionally boosts your sprint at fire speed.

Besides, we decided in the last slot for the 7.62 high Velocity ammo. Considering that we have ignored the Polar fire S, these rounds enhance the complete floor speed, that makes the LMG much more exact overall. Of training course, you can trade this for an optics if you wanted.

Bested Modern Warfare 2 Rap pH-Class configuration

Currently, you have an optimized Rap H, what are the very best tools, discounts and tools that you can incorporate with it? We can assist.

The ultimate advantage in this case has to go to Quick. With an LMG, enemy gamers will be continuously searching for you, and therefore you will certainly commonly be under fire. With this advantage, eliminating an enemy helps with wellness regeneration as well as keeps it on the ground and also in battle for longer.

With an LMG, enemy players will certainly be continuously hunting for you and as such you will certainly typically be under fire. And also so established up the ideal Rap pH-PC player 24 for Modern Warfare 2. If you have troubles to connect with it, search in our instructions for the best modern War 2 M4-PC players 24 as well as the finest modern Warfare 208-PC player 24.

As benefits, we already have excessive, and also we recommend doing this along with Dual Time, which boosts the duration of your sprint time and also your rate of movement. In the port for bonus offer perks, almost hands helps you to alter your publications a lot quicker. It additionally aids you to transform weapons and usage tools much faster.

Finally, we recommend drill tons and also narcotics for the ideal aggressive framework for your tools. And to help you, you would additionally such as to have Dead Silence or Fight Craze in your area upgrades slot.

In the second port, we recommend using something less complicated from our listing of the finest SMS in Modern War 2. With respect to the tools, we advise our best Modern Warfare 2 Eichmann Below PC gamer 24.

In the secondary slot, we recommend making use of something simpler from our list of the very best SMS in Modern Warfare 2. This indicates that you will certainly strike Overkill in among your two basic perk slots, but it will certainly deserve it in the end. With respect to the weapons, we advise our best Modern Warfare 2 Eichmann Sub computer gamer 24.


And so established the most effective Rap pH-PC gamer 24 for Modern Warfare 2. The LMG is not for everybody. So if you have difficulties to get in touch with it, search in our directions for the very best contemporary Warfare 2 M4-PC players 24 and the best contemporary Warfare 208-PC gamer 24.

Berlin last sprint comes also late

In the top video game with runner-up ETC Red Bull Munich, defending champion Mistaken Berlin received a 3:4 loss. The house side took the lead 2-0 by Andreas Ever (8th) as well as Jonathon Blum (12th). Inevitably, nonetheless, it was not enough for the polar bears.

Munich (28 points) consolidated its leading setting in the DEL with the triple factor win. Berlin remains eleven with only fifty percent as many points.

Haugeland just past the nothing

In the leading video game with runner-up ETC Red Bull Munich, protecting champ Mistaken Berlin received a 3:4 defeat. The residence side took the lead 2-0 by Andreas Ever (8th) and Jonathon Blum (12th). The Adler Mannheim received the 2nd residence defeat within four days.


Mannheim still continues to be third in the table, the DEG pushed in eight position.

At the same time, the Adler Mannheim received the second home loss within 4 days. After the 3: 5 against ERC Ingolstadt on Sunday, the Kurpfälzer additionally lost a 1: 4 against Dusseldorf EG. Brendan O’Donnell (7th), Alexander EHL (31st), Daniel Fitchburg (33.) as well as Victor Venison (42.) brought the DEG comfortably in the lead. It was only 51 seconds prior to the last siren that nationwide player Matthias Placate for Mannheim still handled the honor objective, the visitor caretaker Henrik Haugeland hung the shutout.

Sea of Thieves: Tricksters and Treaters

In much information about the Sea of thieves pirate game, designer Rare also announces the unveiling of an area event to halloween.
The Tricksters and Treaters event will take area in the video game from October 28th to 31st and supply gamers the possibility to gain a brand-new title as well as a headgear.
Additionally, you can obtain the fireworks box of the glittering full at the dealership alliance throughout the duration.
Discover more news about sea of Thieves in the video clip.

Autobahn toilets are becoming more costly: Sanifair educates concerning rate boost

The bathroom visit is much more pricey at the majority of freeway filling up terminals and also rest stops in Germany. From November 18, the bathroom operator Fanfare prepares to boost the usage charge on the about 400 bathroom centers along the motorways from 70 cents to 1 euro, as the German press company from corporate circles found out.

In the future, Fanfare clients will certainly obtain a worth of the quantity paid for one euro after payment of the commode fee. The voucher can be retrieved when acquiring at the freeway solution sites-but only one on per short article.

Fanfare: First price boost given that 2011

For visitors of the rest quits, using the Fanfare systems will be virtually cost-neutral, the business stated. Because the high rates at the freeway racing facilities, nevertheless, not all Fanfare customers make use of the value-from.

It is the first cost increase at Fanfare because the intro of the worth on design 2011. The action enables the standards to maintain the criteria in case of sanitation, solution and convenience despite the enhanced operating prices for power, workers and consumables, the company emphasized.

The best mods of Cyberpunk 2077 (2022)

Today, almost every game has a community devoted to improving experience by modifying the game and making either qualitative changes to it, or simply adding a CJ skin only for entertainment. With the release of Redmond from CD Project Red, modding has become available for Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a huge community of molders. Modifications allow players to change the user interface, add hot keys and set up various intrastate settings, not to mention access to console commands for Cyberpunk 2077, which allows you to make many qualitative changes to the Cyberpunk 2077. Honestly, Cyberpunk 2077 deserves this after the rocky start of the game was.

In addition to these useful mods, you also get a lot of mods just for entertainment, such as the replacement of VI with a gin from Taken, a change in the shape of the body of the vi and even the addition of new scenes for Roman Panama and Judy. I am sure that there is or will be a mod replacing V with CJ. Always is.

What does Redmond do in Cyberpunk 2077?

Before we move on to mods, we need to know how they work. We will not consider how to create mods, we just need to know how to use them. Cyberpunk 2077 does not support mods in itself. To use mods, you need to download the modding tool CD Project Red, Redmond.


Redmond was released as DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 in update 1.06. This tool will help you install and correct mods for your game at any time.

To use it, you first need to download and install Remold. It is available in Steam, Epic Games and GOG. We recommend getting it from the same platform on which you bought the game. After you installed Redmond, make sure that it is activated as DLC from your library.


When you have Remold, go to the Cyberpunk 2077 files on your computer and create a new folder with the name Mods if it is not yet. Make sure that you copy the same name, and not a mod, not a mod, not a mod, not a mod, but simply mods. After that, open R6 <cache. If you do not see the Modded folder here, create it.

So, you loaded and unpacked the mod from the nexus. What you need to do is open a mod, and you will see the files Mods and R6 in fashion. Place these files in the Mods and R6 folders in your Cyberpunk 2077 catalog. Simple. If you want to make sure that mods are reset correctly, open modes and find the info.Jason file, which is present only for Remold files.

If you uploaded a mod and do not see the file structure mentioned above, just move the file to your Mods file in the Cyberpunk 2077 catalog, and everything is ready.

As soon as all the files are installed in place, just start the game, and in the window that opens, you will see the settings button next to the Play button. Click on it and turn on the mods before starting the game.

Best Fashion for Cyberpunk 2077

Now that we know how to install and add mods to your game, let’s look at some of the best mods that are currently available for Cyberpunk 2077.

Settings CybersTvod

Each Cyberpunk 2077 player knows the mistakes that Cyberpunk 2077 pursued at launch. Of course, CD Project Red corrected many of them and made the game more smooth over the years, but there are still some minor inconvenience.

Cyber Engine Tweak helps to correct these minor problems, and also allows players to better control their game. Setting up changes and unlocking the debugging menu is one of the best functions of this mod. Mod also acts as a gateway to the Lua script, allowing you to change the game.

Cyber Engine Tweak is the simplest mod for Cyberpunk 2077.

Outgoing texture Cyberpunk 2077

We all want the games to be not only funny and exciting, but also beautiful. In addition to Minecraft, one of the largest advantages that all developers and publishers advertise is how graphically their game is advanced.

Cyberpunk 2077 looks good, but you can make it even better. The Override texture mod improves all textures in Cyberpunk 2077, including the whole world, clothes, cars and weapons. Everything that matters receives a texture improvement.

Cyberpunk Autonomous Reshed-True HDR

Night City is a great place to live, but high skyscrapers can throw a shadow on a population living below. At times, it can become boring.

The Cyberpunk Autonomous Reshad-True HDR mod allows you to change the shade of the night city and make it much brighter. The light effect is improved, and in combination with the Texture Override function, you can get the best view for the game.

Improved Police

Despite the fact that the police officer underwent major repairs for the Cyberpunk 207, much still remains on the best. Enhanced Police Maud makes the police in the game be much better to respond to your criminal acts. Police will arrive at the crime scene with a slight delay, they will better seize the terrain and will even chase you in a much more realistic manner.

Your search level will now also determine which units will respond to you. The level of search for one-star means that cops are running to you, while a higher level of search guarantees that armored vehicles and even helicopters will come for you, which makes each sequence of chase much more interesting.

Best Transportation Management

The maneuvering of vehicles in the Cyberpunk 2077 can be difficult on the close and crowded streets of Night City. Fast turns and simply general control over vehicles should be perfect, and this is not so, so we have a mod the best drive of a vehicle.

The steering is improved for all vehicles, and you can drive a car with much greater accuracy. After installing this mod, you will fly much less, especially if you play mice and a keyboard, where driving is much more complicated.

Improved Minikart

The minicart is undoubtedly the most important tool at your disposal, but it can cause huge inconvenience if it is realized incorrectly. It should be perfect and transparent enough not to interfere with your vision.

Fortunately, the Better Minimal mod allows you to configure the mini-card at its discretion. You can change the size and transparency, remove the border of the mini-card and even change it only to the compass. In addition, with this Minikart’s mod, it becomes much more accurate and more reliable.

Let there be a flight

Every time you think about the future, you see cars flying throughout the city. Despite the fact that flying cars are present in Cyberpunk 2077, as you see at the beginning of the game, you do not have access to any of these vehicles in your passage.

If you want a real futuristic sensation and want to fly like a king, the Let there be Flight will help you. With this mod, most vehicles in the Cyberpunk 2077 will NBA 2K23 receive updates that allow you to fly by car wherever you want. You get not only a car moving through the air, but also accelerators and reactive engines, which makes all this even more exciting.

Exciting first-person view

We all live our whole life in the first person, but the first-person games are not at all like real life. You look down and there is nothing but legs, making it clear that you are just a camera on ghostly legs.

The Immersive First Person mod for Cyberpunk 20077 corrects this problem. The mod is working on the addition of a real body, which you see every time you look down, and the presence of your body as a whole improves. The free viewing system is also improved, allowing you to realistically anime when you look around.

Virtual Atelier

Cyberpunk 2077 stores do not allow you to view items before buying them, especially clothes. The only way to get some idea of what Vi is dressed in is to look in the mirror in your apartment, and even this gives only a vague idea of VI clothes.

Virtual Atelier mod allows you to first view all clothing items before buying them. You will get a much better idea of how clothing will look on V. Mod also allows you to view all the items that you added to the game using mods.

The first-person view is not for every1. Some players prefer a third-person type, which allows them to navigate much better in their environment. Although you can drive a car in a third-person viewing mode, you cannot play the whole game in a third-person viewing mode for V.

To do this, we have a WIP TTP MOD, who does exactly what he says. This allows you to go through the whole game in a third-person viewing mode.

Updating the appearance of Kawasaki

We know that the Cyberpunk 2077 is in default in FPV, and you cannot regularly see your face, but this does not mean that you should adhere to the default face.

The Alaska Appearance Updater mod allows you to change your face, hair and eyes to personalize V to your taste. Although the settings parameters are currently limited, it is still better than the base V by default, which everyone receives at Cyberpunk 207.

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