[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] The next new work, led by Lee Byung-soo, famous for the ‘Sniping’ series, is being developed with the goal of launching the first half of next year. Remade Play plans to create a new market through the massive branding work of Sniping, a key asset, along with Lee Byung-soo, PD.

According to the game industry on the 12th, Remade Play (CEO Lee Honda) plans to showcase the new unpublished new work, which is being developed by its subsidiary Play Match Cur (CEO Lee Byung-soo). According to the company, the development team, led by Lee Byung-soo, a representative of the play match, is developing a new genre-combined new work based on the know-how of the ANI Pang series. It was identified as a casual game with strategic elements. It is a new work that is different from the previous Sniping series, which adhered to the identity of the puzzle genre.

In addition, the new work plans to add content based on blockchain in line with the P & E game behavior that Remade’s parent company, Remade Play, is struggling. An official of Remade Play explained, The next new work is a game with high expectations for expanding domestic and overseas markets as it has the concept of global and P & E from the development stage as well as the demand for highly casual games in Korea.

Lee Byung-soo PD led the development of ‘ANI Pang 2’, ‘ANI Pang 3’, and ‘Sniping 4’, starting with Sniping 1, which won the title of ‘National Game’. The Sniping series succeeded in differentiation by adding new rules and contents as it is a match 3-style puzzle game that matches three blocks of the same shape. In the case of Sniping, 35 million downloads have been achieved so far, and Sniping 2 has achieved 18 million downloads.


Meanwhile, Remade Play plans to launch a full-fledged Sniping IP branding by launching new works that combine blockchain into existing games such as NFT membership ‘ANI Pang Club’, ‘ANI Pang Match’ and ‘ANI Pang Blast’ from the second half of this year. Sniping Club will be a platform for providing benefits in blockchain games and connecting digital content and services. The company has begun to create food through new businesses such as Sniping, new works, and NFT.