Union does it excellently. You do not have to pretend that the mediocrity is. After 10 suit days, stated the substandard Dortmund protector Mats Hummel’s regard

Time Baumgartner had to laugh heartily over this pledge. As it feels like having won versus the leader, the protector of Union Berlin was asked regarding the 2-0 against Borussia Dortmund.

As well as Dortmund’s coach Edwin Eric implied in his analysis of the method, which is unbeatable on Sunday night thanks to the sophisticated as well as improved strategy: It is what makes leading teams. Everybody knows what they do and also no one can prevent it.

You still have actually to obtain utilized to some things. Yet certainly, the leader is not BVB in the Bundesliga. This is also after the tenth match day therefore for fifty percent season Union Berlin as well as the organization appreciates the iron for it.

Fischer, the sober Swiss

A reporter mainly utilized with BVB after the restored demo of the football stamina really attempted to ask the concern of the title opportunities. Fischer’s clear replica: We have published an objective at the start of this season that we will obtain this 40-point mark. Now we do not alter our objectives after 23 factors. That is logical for me, made the Swiss rather sober View once more clear.

Team? With this analysis, Union train Urs Fischer would have seriously awakened again, despite the ranking of the table. Team group? Master prospect? High-flyer? Every one of these current titles are still way too much for the sober Swiss. Yet his basis for debate that the 40-point mark and the staying class are still the goal of 23 factors after ten suit days.

In general, his team is not the best German football group regardless of the table, claimed Fischer and offered current realities. With rigor or pedantism, he made Union what it is. A non-traditional leading group.

This is insane, that’s in fact amazing

It is not the instance that Fischer is not also in astonishment in front of this Köpenick football fairy story.: 40 points stay 40 points. Also, if you have shed only one of 10 video games, since 4 games has actually been country wide and globally without yielding a goal and also only had to approve 6 objectives in the Bundesliga.


As it really feels like having actually won against the leader, the defender of Union Berlin was asked about the 2-0 versus Borussia Dortmund. Group? With this assessment, Union instructor Urs Fischer would certainly have seriously stirred up once again, no matter of the ranking of the table. Group? In general, his group is not the best German football group regardless of the table, said Fischer as well as supplied present facts.

Fischer has other thoughts anyway. We will likewise have to move at the limit on Wednesday to relocate into the next round, said the Union instructor.