Hive expands the game business. Hive is a BTS agency and is currently led by Park Jae-won, who served as CEO of Nixon Korea. Park Jae-won announced that Hive will service famous game companies next year.

On the 3rd, Park Jae-won announced that it will expand the boundaries of Hive’s entertainment business through the game at the third quarter earnings conference call. The expansion of the game business of Hive is divided into △ expanding its own development game lineup such as using BTS IP and expanding the game business through publishing business.

Park Jae-won said, In the game with the game industry, which was launched this year, the game industry was also a remarkable success. It’s more encouraging to achieve it in a year.

Hive is planning to secure IPs with influence in the game industry, he said. In particular, it will be developed by a famous domestic game company related to publishing business and will provide anticipated works that are scheduled to be released next year. He added that the related contents will be disclosed as soon as possible.

Park Jae-won expects not only to generate profits through the publishing business, but also to develop the manpower and experience necessary to develop the entertainment business by utilizing the technology in the future.

Park Jae-won emphasized the need for expanding the game business. I believe that the game will play a key axis in the virtual world, such as an industry with a comprehensive application of various entertainment elements, including music, and meth uses that can be unfolded in the coming future.

I think it is inevitable to preemptively enter the game business to prepare for this future, he said. It was incident.

Lee Byung-soo, Hive CFO (Chief Financial Officer), said that content sales containing games increased by 51.6% Qom to W107.2bn. Hive did not distinguish the proportion of the game among content sales.

Hive is developing and servicing the mobile match 3 game ‘Under Island with BTS’ through the game development subsidiary ‘Hive I’m’. The game has a record of exceeding 2 million daily users within three days of launch. The game is characterized by the use of BTS IP and the balance of the reinforcement learning neural network AI.