One of our favorite things to play Harvested is the fact that we are not trapped playing as a single class. The game offers players multiple jobs to choose from what you unlock when advancing in history or developing your relationship with the characters in the game. After having obtained some different classes to choose from, you will want to try them all. Read our guide below to learn How to change jobs in Harvested !

Change of work in Harvested explained

To change your work in Harvested, all you will have to do is navigate the game menus. Ask them and press the eyelet to the right until it reaches the ‘Work’ tab. Here you can select the class you would like to play, as long as you have unlocked it!

Changing work should be useful since there will be certain enemies that are weak to different elements or types of attacks (e.g., physical or magical). You can also discover that other jobs adapt better to your game style. For example, I definitely prefer to play as a magician instead of a more body-based fighting class!

Fortunately, the game offers a good variety of classes. Some combine the use of sorcery and sword, while there are others who use science! The elements are also exclusive to some classes to some extent, such as AOE attacks based on Sky Lancer wind.

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Another thing of changing your work in Harvested is the fact that your outfit will change with him! You can read more about it here.

All Harvested’s jobs

After mastering the change between works, you can check a quick list of all the works that the game has to offer below.

  • Com batter
  • Wizard
  • Lancers del Cairo
  • Wise assault
  • Walker shadow
  • Mechanic
  • Online
  • Avenger
  • Pilgrim
  • Diamante

Now that you know How to change work in Harvested and you have a general idea of what classes there are, make sure you see some of our other contents about the game below! It may help you on your trip through the new and charming JRPG.

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